Need help naming a few of movies....


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First movie is about a small group of teenagers maybe older? than land on an island in a hot air balloon. They can communicate with I think one of the groups brothers through a radio. I think there was a giant spider in it aswell. Other than that thats all I remember.

The second movie is based on a true story. Its about a group of of surfers who discover golden necklaces and other golden treasures on the ocean floor.. Thats all I can remember.. :eek:

The final movie is about a man who finds a treasure map on a small yacht in a box above a door way. He follows the map to an old abandoned chruch where he digs a hole and finds a small cave like basement which contains 3 treasure chest that contain nothing but washers. He then dives into the water where he finds 3 more treasures chests which contain the treasure.

I remember watching these movie when I was younger so they are atleast 12 years old. I think they all where made in the 80s. Ive looked through imdb, wiki etc but I cant find the names of these movies. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Well I can help you with the first one, it's name is 'The Adventures of Mark Twain' it was made in 1985,

But the other two I'm not sure, but if i come up with something I'll definitely post.
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Dang, if memory serves in that movie there was a hot air ballon, and a radio somewhere. Sorry I couldn't help.


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I need help with one too. These highschool kids go on a roadtrip, and its a comedy. They get their teacher drunk with alcoholic candies and theres this really fat guy. Saw it once when I was young, I think its a fairly well known movie.


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Well you are completely miss placing the names of the movies and how can we give the particular name of the movie which we don't know the best things is that we should not touch that part either we should discuss about the movies stories.