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    It's FINALLY here and it looks AMAZING!!! - Starcraft2

    screw starcraft ghost. Starcraft 2 is the way the series was supposed to continue.. RTS style. :thumb_up:
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    nullDC v1.0.0 Public Beta 1

    New Dreamcast emulator I suppose.. don't know much about it since it was just released as a public beta.
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    PCSX2 v0.9.3 - The Penguin Returns

    taken from NOTE: the source of v0.9.3 is available to download and compile for Windows OS but is not supported in anyway by the creators of pcsx2.
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    PCSX2 0.9.2 Released!!! Make sure you get release version 2. R2 notes:
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    ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.95 release Not really an emulator release but it's probably one of the biggest steps for improving the ps2 emulator. Basically, the plugin requires a graphics card that supports pixel shader 2.0, and dual core computer, and still a decent amount of ram (1 gig). Using the plugin to...
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    FF7 fmvs run really slowly

    hey guys, I can't seem to figure this one out. The cinematics always run at a slow pace, but everything else works fine. I have the isos for the game and I read on previous posts that epsxe 1.5.2 works better for this game so I'm using that. these are my settings: video: sound: thanks a...
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    and I'm back!

    Hey guys! I'm back after a long break but I just can't escape emulation especially when pcsx2 is coming closer and closer to completion. But then again, the next gen gaming systems are right around the corner with the ps3 and the nintendo wii. Can't wait for those. Hope to see you around! :D
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    Best control setup for the keyboard for Project64?

    I can never get the controls right, I mean there are way too many buttons. I was just wondering what control configuration do you have for Project 64?
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    converting roms to different language?

    I just got some SNES roms but when I ran them, they were all in Japanese. I was wondering if there was a way to convert the language to English. Thanks.
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    deviantART anyone?

    Anyone here use deviantART? I just started a few weeks ago and uploaded a lot of stuff. Feel free to take a look, comment, and post your links here too as well. :D
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    Question about ps1 game ISO files

    I'm not asking where to find them. I was just wondering if there are any sites that have these files now. The mirrors at the site where I download roms don't work. If there are no sites that have the ISOs, they I will just go for p2p or bittorrent instead of looking through Google.
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    Personalized FFVII: AC sigs

    I actually spent a decent amount of time making these. Let me know what you think. :) This one is just my user name on some other forums.
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    More StarWars 1337 sigs

    I'll guess I'll be the first to create a new thread on this board. :) Anyway, I created these pretty quickly. There's nothing special about them, but I just thought the lines were pretty funny. Enjoy.
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    To all you Harry Potter haters out there..

    I was looking around some forums and this avatar came up quite often. Obviously it's photoshopped but isn't a bit.... wrong? lol
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    New gadget from Google

    Well Google finally decided to step in the instant messenger field. It's called Google Talk. Like gmail, it's still in the beta stage but is available to download. Also, users must have a gmail account to use it. Your contacts in your gmail account will be like your "buddy list."...