and I'm back!


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Hey guys! I'm back after a long break but I just can't escape emulation especially when pcsx2 is coming closer and closer to completion. But then again, the next gen gaming systems are right around the corner with the ps3 and the nintendo wii. Can't wait for those. Hope to see you around! :D


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mhl12 said:
pcsx2 is coming closer and closer to completion.

Nice to see you're back, but you don't believe that do you? It will take at least a couple more years (and then I'm pretty optimistic) before it will be emulated at full speed. Also, I suspect they are using various hacks and workarounds for the emulation. So no true emulation, like the latest PSX emulator. Please understand me correct, I still think it is a great achievment what they have done, but it is nowhere near completion.