Best control setup for the keyboard for Project64?


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I can never get the controls right, I mean there are way too many buttons.

I was just wondering what control configuration do you have for Project 64?


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U, D, L, R: Up, Down, Left, Right (D-pad).
SU, SD, SL, SR: Up, Down, Left, Right (Control Stick).
CU, CD, CL, CR: Up, Down, Left, Right (C Buttons).
S: Start button.
L: L trigger.
Z: Z trigger.
R: R Trigger.
B: B button.
A: A button.
50% Mot: Control stick halfway pressed (ie: walking instead of running).
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Nice layout, otherwise use a PSX pad :p


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I know this may be a silly question but Jale, how did you configure rightshift buttton for 50%motion?
I can't do it when I try; I use the N-Rage input plugin
And yes I know I digged up a near 6 year old thread lol