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    [News] mGalaxy v7.6 released

    [New] MySNES theme. [New] 'Menu' window with shortcuts to all other windows (default key: m) [New] 'VJ One' screensaver. [Improved] (mGalaxy_Runway) Import from 'Medium' images (e.g. cartridge stickers) [Improved] Controller window: keys combination (like Ctrl-A) are now allowed...
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    mGalaxy v7.5 released

    mGalaxy v7.5 is out with a number of new and improved features: [New] 'Group' feature (group several systems into one group) [New] 'Presenter II' theme. [New] 'MyGameBoyAdvance' theme. [New] Screensaver feature. [New] Ambient sounds play (background music option)...
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    mGalaxy v6.3 released

    mGalaxy v6.3 is out! New theme, Mame database creation further simplified, ‘history.dat’ support,... New “Fruit Machine” theme added to meet the need of a growing number of users for a slot machine theme. mGalaxy_Runway: Database > Mame database creation further simplified...
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    mGalaxy v6.2 released

    What's new! New “Presenter” theme added. mGalaxy_Runway : Database > Hidden items can be restored to ‘Visible’. mGalaxy_Runway: Database > Show/hide Hidden items (displayed in a different text format) mGalaxy_Runway: Database > Show/hide Missing items (displayed in a different...
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    mGalaxy v6.0 release

    Incredible amount of new features into v6.0!! Automatic script handling. No more need to handle scripts installation! No more need to worry whether an emulator needs a script or not to work, mGalaxy will manage it by itself! RetroArch added to available systems. Command window...
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    mGalaxy v5.5 released

    New and updated in this release: --------------------------------------- ? Game database panel (requires an internet connection): pressing the dedicated key (default key is ?w?) will show/hide a side panel with game info such as: box picture, description, co-op info, players info, release date...
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    mGalaxy v5.2 released

    New and updated in this release: --------------------------------------- - Recursive folders : when scanning your rom folder mGalaxy will also scan (and add roms from) sub-directories. - New search engine : mGalaxy now searchs if the rom name CONTAINS your keyword (not only if it STARTS WITH...
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    mGalaxy v5.0 released

    Hours and hours in development, a lot of additions, listening for (nearly) every users wishes, making mGalaxy more opened, more practical,...more powerful. New and updated in this release: -------------------------------- ? : Xbox 360 controller support. ? : Vertical (portrait) theme...
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    mGalaxy v4.1 released

    mGalaxy is now able to display video preview of your games. See it on action: New and updated in this release: ------------------------------------------ ? Video preview support. ? New keys added: ?Go to previous system? & ?Go to next system?. ? New keys added...
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    mGalaxy v4.0 released

    Major update: mGalaxy is now multi-emulators compatible! New and updated in this release: ? mGalaxy is now working with a lot of emulators, covering major arcade, computer and console systems ? New button in ?mGalaxy Runway? to quickly erase an ?old? MAME database, when a new MAME version is...
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    mGalaxy v3.0 released

    New and updated in this release: ? ?nplayers.ini? support added. It lets you know how many players the game supports and if it's simultaneous play or not. ? ?Menu? window updated with 'nplayers' based filtering. Check the number of players and if you want to play simultaneously or not. ...
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    mGalaxy v2.1 released

    Major news and updates in this release: ? 'mGalaxy Runway' is back, compatible with mGalaxy v2.1 With it you can cutomize the keys used by mGalaxy. ? Background music feature added. Place mp3/wav files in 'mGalaxy_music' folder, they will be played randomly! ? 'Menu' window updated with...
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    mGalaxy v2.0 released

    New and updated in this release: ? Totally rewritten application. Speed gains everywhere. ? No need anymore for an external database file. mGalaxy creates it directly from any new Mame version. (On new Mame version, delete the "old" 'mame.exe' AND 'xmlout.xml' files. Place the "new"...
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    mGalaxy v1.1 released

    mGalaxy v1.1 released - GUI sounds added. - Virtual keyboard to search in your roms - Snapshot maximized option - Filter on user's roms only - Shutdown when quitting ... More info and download on
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    mGalaxy Release

    As I didn't found a "submit news" link on the main page, I take the liberty to post it there. Admin, would you please add this news to your site? Thanks mGalaxy Release mGalaxy is a new MAME frontend for Windows, the keywords for this new frontend are: simplicity and speed in a neat and nice...