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    Hi Everyone

    Hi all, I'm new, well sort of. I'm making my intro 4 years after my registration. :D if you guys need help with stuff, PSX stuff and all that.. ask in the forum joke, :joke: I mean, yea, ask around we'll answer if we know :) just a lil info about me, I'm from the Philippines, and stuff :)...
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    Best Rom renaming utility

    I'll make this short and simple, what's the best rom renaming utility out there? #1 I know about goodtools[goodgba][cowering] used them to rename my stuff. and ROmcenter? so which is it? I like the idea of that numbered system [chronologically arranged] from goodtools and I like that 'ease...
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    [PSX] Mouse as Analog Stick? (and a few more questions)

    Hi, I have a few questions here, is it possible to use the Mouse as the analog stick? [X,Y on both devices are there] it should be possible right? if so, which plugin has this feature? I remember [with bleem!] when I MAP my controls I can use Mouse X/Y axis +/- for any control. #What I'm...
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    [Yet another one of my "What Game Is This?"]

    hi, well, this thing has been bothering me for quite some time now. uhm, my last thread started is something similar to this though its on a diff platform. So, okay, i'll get on with my lil hitch:o these past nights there is a game on my head that keeps bugging me, its bugging me since...
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    VBA No Sound

    err Im Playing my Need For Speed Underground 2 on VBA, There is as problem, there are no sounds, *Yes, The sounds Are On (even my speakers :p ofcourse) ;) I had the same problem with metroid before though ive read a post (from this forum too) **Use Bios (then it worked) :o now on my current...
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    PSXeven problems (cant get it to work)

    might sound like a dum dum here, but i'l leave it to u if u wanna thinnk so.. :P wel, I cant get PSXeven To Run EPSXe works great (yes, i know how to configure/tweak its settings) everytime i execute PSXeven It give me this THING! (lol) (PSXEVEN_V0 executed an invalid instruction in module...
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    w/ ".cue" and w/o ".cue" files

    :o I Have Been Using Isoboster to create images of my PSx CD's When I Rip the disk with "Extract From Session" it creates a -"gamenamehere.bin" the bin file works (daemon tools) and epsxe but when i rip the disk with the "Extract from CD" it still creates -"gamenamehere.bin" WITH...
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    THPS Fanatic?

    anyone here? playin THUG (Tony Hawk's Underground) for the GBA? cant seem to find a GAP at san diego.. need lil help.. :o
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    any idea what i'm talkin about? or what im reffering to? "Megadrive2"

    its like this.. there is this game that i used to play way back when I was a lil boy.. :p problem is, i forgot the Title of it the only thing that i can Recall about it is - its plaformer - main character is like a Mummy or sumthin (his eyes are tucked in his body) - he shoots off his head then...
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    n64 netplay?

    :) m kinda late for latest news.. info would be greatly apprecia8ed.. thanx..
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    GBA DBZ Legacy of Gokou - help pls..

    I have this game.. DBZ legacy of gokou.. - Im playing it on my vba 1.7 Here is the problem when I boot DBZ it says.. "This Program will not run on the Hardware Found" this is really Driving me nuts.. - I though I was the one able to help.. but now.. here I am.. asking for...
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    VBA 1.7.2 Too slow!

    any 1 can help me? I recently downloaded the latest release of VBA 1.7.2 why is it slower than the older versions? _I mean.. Ive used the 1.6 sumthing -it played verywell @ 0 frameskipping! -anysuggestions?