Hi Everyone


Pinoy Ako!
Hi all,

I'm new, well sort of.

I'm making my intro 4 years after my registration. :D

if you guys need help with stuff, PSX stuff and all that..
ask in the forum joke, :joke:

I mean, yea, ask around we'll answer if we know :)

just a lil info about me,
I'm from the Philippines, and stuff :)

here are my websites
\\Home of the Noob Killer <- tool I wrote to remove common worms and viruses here in our place, might help you guys too
\\ also some games I made and my literary works are posted there too.

:bow: :bow:

Cheers everyone, have fun and Hi Again.
regards to the forum leaders, mods and admins, they're still helpful as ever during my noob days till now.

well, that's it.

Viva Las Filipinas! :wub:


Pinoy Ako!
aw I'm jealous, I didn't get reply from others lol :(

nonetheless. hi again bah, forget it. ahaha