GBA DBZ Legacy of Gokou - help pls..


Pinoy Ako!
I have this game.. DBZ legacy of gokou..
- Im playing it on my vba 1.7

Here is the problem
when I boot DBZ it says..
"This Program will not run on the Hardware Found"

this is really Driving me nuts..

- I though I was the one able to help..
but now.. here I am.. asking for HEEEELLLLLPPP!!!

thanx ya'l :blink:


Pinoy Ako!
but there's still one insy bitt tiny problem..
-emu-zone has the l8est version..
-and the official site url is down (no chance of downloading it from theri home page)

-mirror needed ps..


Pinoy Ako!
as i have said.. their download link is not working..

thats why im asking if there were any mirrors..
- i wont ask for a mirror if the link aint broke..
anyways.. thanx.. ya'l, ..

m not mad..


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