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    Game Boy Color Problem

    Wow, I have not been posting on here in a very long time.Bought a used Game Boy Color a year ago. It seemed to work fine up until my last gaming session with it. Each time I press the B button the system shuts itself off. I am wondering what is wrong with the GBC. How can i fix this issue? Help...
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    Your opinion on North American Play Station Network

    I think they offer up some pretty good games. I use to spend hours on BF 1943. Pain is alright. The DLC content keeps me coming back. Sony has really got on the ball. About releasing PS One Classics. They are releasing some good games too. RE,RE2,RE3,Dino Crisis,Tomb Raider collection and etc...
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    Internet providers capping bandwith

    I use Comcast as my internet provider. They are now capping bandwith. It starts around 5 o clock. Makes the internet useless at times. I understand they are trying to limit people, and curve illegal downloads. Come on though.They should not cap as much as they are. We all need to get together...
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    Internet Graphics missing (Windows 7 OS)

    I am using a newer Hewlett Packard computer with Windows 7 pre-loaded.Specs are AMD Atholon II X4 620 processor 2.60 GHz. RAM is 6.00 GIGS 5.75 Usable. 64-bit Operating System. 4.3 experience rating. When using the Internet I have noticed that some graphics on web pages are missing. Also some...
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    Anyone know if homebrew games are still made for SNES?

    Anyone know about this? If non licsenced companies make SNES games. I am talking boot games.
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    Good Website to buy Motherboards and other PC goodies

    As some of you here know I am running older equipment. My video card is about to go. I just know it. Keep getting timed out error messages from it. Anyways. As a cheap fix I am going to buy another video card. I am using a KV7 Dragon plus as my MOBO.Just wanted to know a good site where I can...
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    Might have a RAM problem.

    I am guessing I have a RAM problem. Each time I boot my PC all the icons disappear then reappear.This process happens twice upon boot up. My computer also freezes at random times. When playing vids on the internet,and when encoding videos with AVS. My guess that has something to do with memory...
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    Good Spyware remover programs?

    I am looking for a good free Spy-ware/Malware remover. I have used Spy-bot Search and Destroy in the past. It worked one time on my computer without crashing. Ever since then it freezes my PC up when the program crashes. Someone told me to use Spy-ware Doctor. I looked up a review before...
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    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

    Saw Lukemorse1 on You Tube do a play video of this game. For those that don't know it is for the SNES. The game level design reminded me of Zelda: A link to the past. Did it remind anyone else of Zelda on SNES?
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    Playing older DOS games

    Alright so i want to play the overhead game Z. If anyone remembers this game please let me know. The game is 16 bit and plays in DOS. I click on the game prompt file and it tries to load. I then get an error message saying "Please check your PIF file. What does this mean?
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    Sega Gens Model 3 questions

    I am looking at getting a Gens model 1 or Gens model 3.Does the Sega Genesis Model 3 put out mono or stereo sound? I am just curious. It is not a big deal at all just curious.
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    Nebula help

    I have Nebula here and need a guide on how to configure it. I have the Neogeo.bin and 000-lo.lo files Where do i put these files? In the Config folder? Help on this matter would be much appreciated. Also please don't suggest any other Neogeo emulators. I would rather not have to convert MP3...
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    Neo Geo BIOS problem

    I downloaded the NeoGeo Bios for MAME. Also downloaded Metal Slug-Super Vehicle and Metal Slug 2-Super vehicle 1 and II. I put the Bios in the necessary BIOS folder. Both metal gear games come up NOT FOUND (BIOS) when I do a game audit. I don't know If i am doing something wrong. Help would be...
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    Wolfenstein 3D for PC

    If i were to play this game would I need DOSbox? I am not all that experienced with using DOSbox. I would need some instruction on how to load the game.
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    DVD or Blu-Ray?

    Which of these two formats do you prefer? I have seen some really good Blu-Ray programs on Satellite TV, and am amazed with the picture and sound quality. I currently don't own any Blu-Ray titles. I am sticking to DVD for now.