Game Boy Color Problem


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Wow, I have not been posting on here in a very long time.Bought a used Game Boy Color a year ago. It seemed to work fine up until my last gaming session with it. Each time I press the B button the system shuts itself off. I am wondering what is wrong with the GBC. How can i fix this issue? Help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Edit: The batteries that I was using to play the GBC had gone bad.Which is strange because i hardly ever used them and they were only a year old. My GBC now powers on and stays on no matter how many times i hit the B button. There is an issue with the sound though. The sound does not always work when i power the system on. Could to volume control be dirty on the inside of the system? Help in this matter will greatly be appreciated.
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Seems like there's a short circuit somewhere. Maybe you should get it checked by a technician.