Internet providers capping bandwith


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I use Comcast as my internet provider. They are now capping bandwith. It starts around 5 o clock. Makes the internet useless at times. I understand they are trying to limit people, and curve illegal downloads. Come on though.They should not cap as much as they are.

We all need to get together and make some sort of petition to stop this. I am not saying do it on this site. As long as it is okay with the moderators here.

They are essentially cheating customers out of a good working internet connection here.It just ticks me off they are doing this. Comcasts customer service, and tech team already are horrible. I hope this company crashes and burns.


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Most people that will get mad about this are pirates or people that stream Music and Video often.


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Most people that will get mad about this are pirates or people that stream Music and Video often.

Or the people that like to use the internet service they pay for.


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If you want to get around traffic shaping, get uTorrent and set the options to force UDP connections only.

As for general capping, can't do much about that, sucks for you though.


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I don't think that Comcast/Time Warner is capping bandwith to the point to where my internet is useless. I already use Utorrent. It has worked a little better than ABC client.

AnAutisticDog has the right idea there. I am paying for a fast internet connection that I am not receiving.If I wanted a slow connection I would just have dial up.

I believe that my internet providers line techs are lazy. When it comes to repairs, or my area just needs quite a bit of maintenance internet hard line wise. I don't know how good other peoples experience with this company is. I know that mine has been okay at best. Not trying to complain either. Just wanna know how other users opinion of their service through Time Warner cable TV and internet.

If you have cable, and can afford satellite then go for it. Better picture quality and sound. From what I have noticed.
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