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    hello new users

    :) hello new users i see new user in stream yuukicharo im dont know where you are but i will find you here :) if help is need ask crew : ulaoulao,mupenman64, and admins im not use emulators often and back to play chess also play baduk
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    Emulator Release: HalfNes 0.51
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    Rule and Info For All user's and all Guest's

    I see all looking old thread but you dont need it why its simple old post will be not answered because its offtopic and spam so every post older than 2016 should be not readed and answered i was do that mistake long time ago truth is users which gone will never answer or ask again :happy: thanks...
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    New Nes 3D Holographic Emulator

    :happy: poor developer of 3d nes info is leaked (his 3d method of rendering) i get this info from polish pegasus forum from user called Mcin
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    The my way now C++

    My life is now programming and proggraming is my life im not play in chess anymore and no more draw i hope my c++ improve soon im use jump in c++, c++ for dummies and soon other info of c++ im not add nothing on github yet because im know im suck if im not be the best im not post anything first...
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    Emulator Release: VirtuaNES Plus (2012/12/03)&VIRTUANES PLUS 29/03/2013

    VIRTUANES PLUS 29/03/2013 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VirtuaNES Plus (2012/12/03)
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    My bad jokes im a comedian dont ban me >.>

    how called girl who can give you best oral sex but at the same time break your penis? -an ice breaker --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- which part of patient will not scream if fall of stairs? -a whellchair...
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    Example of story

    all of know something about me because im have info on my profile but im not show all my talents one of those is this: people was come and gone on emulator zone was silence no one was care about write something time was flow slowly second by second minute by minute just a ordinary day but...
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    Good Info About Programing

    :happy: Jump in c++ The C++ Programming Language, 4th Edition C++ Concurrency in Action: Practical Multithreading 1st Edition ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- objective C Programming in Objective-C (6th Edition) (Developer's Library) 6th Edition...
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    Kawaks 1 .65 test with roms what i have

    works only : metalslug2,samurai shodown,samurai shodown2,kof 94,kof96,kof97,kof98 censored not work :mslug,mslug3,mslugx,mslug 5, and mslug6 (its a botleg) not work :art of fighting 1--->,2...>,...>3,double dragon,fatal fury 1,2,3,fatalfury special,garou mark of wolves,king of gladiator,king of...
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    Your desktop

    :) and now on pc above laptop dell
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    Emulator Problem: EmulationStation+RetroArch 1.3.3 my mistake should be 1.3.4 but whatever and how its looks
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    Emulator Release: RetroArch 1.3.4 here all versions oficial site and much more :)
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    :confused:Hmm parents,couple ,friends or what >.> as i was see there was two users with similiar username: bannhunghuou,, viennhunghuou im curious what you think similiar age one 18 second 19 coincidence ? its make me just curious im know its rude but i want know answer:)
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    Emulator Release: FakeNes 0.59b3