The my way now C++


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My life is now programming and proggraming is my life
im not play in chess anymore and no more draw i hope my c++ improve soon
im use jump in c++, c++ for dummies and soon other info of c++
im not add nothing on github yet because im know im suck if im not be the best im not post anything
first im want just fix software mean make path's(fixes) this is called in programing slang commit changes
and make some forks(in normal language not slang of programmers this mean reedit of code and make own version)
take care all of you especially old crew im not back here at least in 3 or more months in that time wait for projects on my github
and need also start posting something on my bitbucket,oloh and sourceforge no im not use standard git or google code repository
and im not use svn yet but now svn as technology for repository is old im think
thats all as new programmer and soon not hobbyist but more i will have new nick if someone shows here as programer with new acounts and login that will be me ....


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svn to git is like c++ to c#.

Svn just works, it is not the best and not as secure but the shell is a cinch and it is very easy to use. I have used it for 10+ years now and still like it the best. Mercurial is the only other one I like but really svn is plenty good.

c++ is still gong strong, so happy to see people choosing that over c++++ (AKA c# ). Though do know that c++ is a monster! There is a lot to it and may help to learn c first. If you do dive in to C get a good grasp on templating, memory/cleanup, strucks, and of course classes (polymorphic coding). C# on the other hand is much easier language to pick up on. The 3 big advantages are GUI, .net, and automatic memory clean up. Though IMO, I think it helps to learn how this things work before coding in a language that does it for you. good luck and have fun!
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ulaoulao its not hard when you learn it from books and courses its took a time many hours for me now 4-5 hours
yes im back but not as just member but also programmer i will make commit changes and take some of repositories to github
im learning fast need more things:
opengl,dx.directshow,ffmpeg and other things like:
libraries :boost,pcthreads2(for mplayer) etc etc...
jeruka9 is now not exists im gone as gamer but sometimes i play in GO
im more programming and learn math
hello once again
1,2,3,4,5,6 ,7 im pix
break through like hammer
GO player and programmer
anyway also learn asembler and much much more ....
stay tuned all of you
im hobbyist
and learning alone
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