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    Video Compression.

    I want to take some video of my emulation setup and my Mamecab for use on Facebook (yes I know) :). The problem is if I take the vids in anything like decent quality the files are huge. If I take them in lowest quality they are still quite large but the footage is too low quality and...
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    Mameworld move complete.

    For information, Mameworld and all of its affilitated sites have now been moved permanently to their new home. Not worth posting individual links to everything, but all the links at the Mameworld site are now working and point to the new addresses.
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    Emulator Release: Model 2 0.9 Released 29.1.09 Info I've highlighted in Bold is probably most relevant in terms of help requests from people upgrading to this version.
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    Little Help.

    I'm trying to sign up to one of the best known emulation resource sites (PD) which I can't link to here due to the dubious nature of its content. It won't let me create an account as it states my email is a freemail account (which it isn't). I can't contact a site admin there because you need...
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    free dvd spam thread responses

    Are both these posts spam?. Weird first post for a new user on a forum like this and the second related one also from a new user??.
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    My Pixel Art driveway.

    Not completely finished but its all about Retro at Truckers house. :happy:
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    Christmas Avatars.

    Its that time again. No offence intended to those of you of different religious persuasions or who don't celebrate Christmas.
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    Mame news - MK4

    Read all about it.
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    Sonic Xtreme.

    SX has recently had a release to the public. Those that follow developments in the retro community will know the significance of this following all the hoo haa when this 'lost' Saturn game first surfaced. Anyway, not sure if it breaches the AUP to link to it since its an unreleased rather than...
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    Vista Compatibility?

    My beloved emulation PC is starting to show signs that its getting a bit sickly. Just thought it would be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to which emulators currently work with Vista and which ones don't. I run dozens of different emus on the emulation PC and don't see the point in...
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    Its getting closer. Better start brushing up on those SFIII skills then. :D
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    Anyone using this?. Seems like a fairly good, newly released DC emulator. Plugin support is currently limited but the compatability appears reasonable (better than Chankast) and its still being developed.
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    FFVII Glitching.

    Anyone know how to correct this?. Its all fine (in both ePSXe and PSX 1.11) until I reach the stage on disk one just after you all escape from the train the second time about an hour into the game. A few screens on you have to crawl through some ducting and when you go through to the scaled out...
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    Hi all. Been dipping in and out of this site for a fair while so thought it was about time I signed up. I have been 'into' emulation for a couple of years and am still in mourning for my beloved Mame cab which took me six months to complete and about 4 days for the Mrs to sell after we...