Yes it`s about to be released really soon :) that`s pretty nice ... the only problem is that there is only 1 good CPS III game and that`s SF III 3rd strike :)


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I don't know about released really soon. There's still a fair way to go with the emulation, but at least now they have broken the encryption they can make a start on it.

I think there's only about half a dozen CPSIII games anyway and 3rd Strike and Warzard are the main ones people are interested in.


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The CHDs for CPS3 are relatively small, SF3 is just about 65MB.
This really is a great accomplishment by the MAME devs. I'm not really interested in the games, but it is great that they have finally 'cracked' a system like this.


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Its the same guy that cracked the CPS 2 protection. Was at his blog the other day... to bad I dont understand spanish...


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That's great. You don't need chd files to play. I downloaded emulator and SF III rom, it plays very good not perfect yet as ElSemi said. Emulator has no triple buffering option. It will be perfect very soon.