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I'm trying to sign up to one of the best known emulation resource sites (PD) which I can't link to here due to the dubious nature of its content.

It won't let me create an account as it states my email is a freemail account (which it isn't).

I can't contact a site admin there because you need to be logged in to contact anyone.

Anyone here a member that can help or advise please?.


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I had this trouble with PD, I had to use my work account. I tried yahoo, gmail, hotmail,, and many more. They have a huge black list and there is only one way to get it ( a real pop3 server ). I never got in to that site until a year later after wanting to, when I though of using my work account.

BTW: PD does not hold a candle to UG.

I posted a question on there forums for you.

there answer was visit the chat channel
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