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    Yeh from me about MAME.... I feel n00bish..

    Ok I gave in to teh MAME thing but I have no Idea what to do.... (never tried MAME) I went to teh main page but there are soo many MAME emus to DL.. WHich one should I get?? Do I need a BIOs file?? If so what is teh name of this BIOs file so I can look for it? Also do I DL MAME ROMs like teh...
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    Do you play??

    Anyone play Halo 2 online? or Battle Field MC?? Add me to your list-o-friends.. My Gamer Tag is: Team Policia
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    Tried others but none are equal...

    I've been involved with other forums lately but... I have to say this is probably my favorite place to visit. Anyone else think the same?
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    N64 Linking question.

    Is there a function like on ZSNES to link 64 emus on seperate computers?
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    PSX 2 player question.

    Is there a way to LAN or play PSX games together on 2 seperate computers? Im on my laptop and my brother who lives with me wants to play psx games with me. we both have the same controller we tried pluging both in but only 1will work. Any suggestions?
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    Ok im tired of using a keyboard to play games it sucks ass and on a laptop well... it sucks even more ass that usual, so im going to buy a gamepad... Only thing is I cant decide so im asking you all here at EZ to help me choose. I know the decision is Ultimately up to me but any input would be...
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    ^< v Game!!

    Ok. ^ desribe the person before you < describe yourself v describe the person who's going to post next Got that? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^ No one. < Listening to it storm outside. v Loves this game.
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    What are these for?

    :confused: What are those reputation points for anyway... Just like a pat on the back or what..
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    GBA and DBZ Legacy of Goku

    Hey guys i have a problem. When ever i try to play DBZ Legacy of Goku 1 i keep getting this screen... I can play Legacy of Goku 2 just fine and i have tried playing it on Diff emulators.. All that we have on the main site and it doesnt want to work on any of them... Well it runs on Boycott...
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    This would be fun and cool...

    At least in my opinion ofcourse i think it would be awesome to have a Shout Box. They are helpful and useful. People could just talk to eachother. it would also eliminate alot of posts where people just get off topic and start chatting. Again it is just a suggestion and just my opinion.
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    Im making a game here are a few Screens

    Title Shot First Scene. Talkin with his old man about... Plants?? youll find out later if i ever finish it and if you ever play it. Oh no this ASS just attacked the Knight and his son BASTARD!!! DIE!!! Ok well neway yeh... Its called Legend of Lore. Basically its about this kid...
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    Ez's Psx pic...

    HAHA i know you all have seen it. I was just lookin around the main page clickin on random things when this appeared on my screen. Come on Lefteris cant you get a CLEAN looking pic of a Psx up? HAHA Lol It looks soo dirty... (Just a joke so no one take offence hahaha) you know you wanna...
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    How do i link for transfers??

    Hey guys is there any way that i could Transfer data from 1 rom to another..... Umm more specific im playing Pokemon....(yes pokemon) and i was wondering if i could transfer pokemon from red to blue kinda like the link cable for he actual hand held. Oh and its on my VisualBoy Advance.. Thanks:D
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    Infamous Black Screen any ideas??

    This is so anoying I know its the sound cuz the SPU just stops.... Any suggestions on a way to fix ive already tried Eternal and Petes plugins.. Dont know what to do...
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    For Final Fantasy Lovers!!

    I would like to know from you all which of the Final fantasy titles do you like the most remember please only choose 1 i wanna see which is most popular in this Forum!!:D