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  2. Sega Dreamcast Keyboard
  3. How to play online !!!
  4. Genesis SMD Split Rom Generation
  5. Svaing problem.
  6. Sega Saturn Emu for Guardian Heroes
  7. Panzer Dragoon Zwei issues SSF
  8. Panzer Dragon SAGA freezing on SSF
  9. Sega Model 3
  10. setting fusion save path for a jump drive
  11. Having issues burning Sega Saturn backups, help!
  12. Are there any Sega CD emulator with speed up button?
  13. Dreamcast questions
  14. Emulator Problem: DreamCast/nullDC Not Responding o.o
  15. Emulator Problem: A Newbie in SSF purgatory--
  16. Miracle: A Javascript SMS emulator
  17. how can i save in gens emulator
  18. Controllers and emulators
  19. Emulator Problem: Memory cards in nulldc
  20. analog plugin for nulldc/framelimiter for chankast?
  21. Chankast VS nulldc
  22. Working Kid Chameleon or Home Alone Genesis ROM
  23. Looking for a game, probably for sega master system or mega drive
  24. Will this do for Dreamcast emulation?
  25. Sega Saturn on my laptop
  26. Emulator Problem: How to transfer SSF internal saves between 2 different computers
  27. Winning Post U
  28. Emulator Problem: Sonic 3 save problem
  29. How do I record a Sega CD game using Fusion 3.6?
  30. Emulator with a Good User Interface
  31. Help Me Name The Game
  32. Game Genie Not Saving Codes
  33. Emulator Problem: SSF Error
  34. Emulator Problem: Saturn Problems!
  35. nullDC Flicker
  36. Emulator Problem: None of the emulators work for me!
  37. Emulator Problem: Sega CD Help
  38. Best emulator for Q3A dreamcast
  39. Emulator Problem: Hi PCSX2 Controller problems
  40. can i speed nulldc or chankast
  41. Emulator Problem: NullDC running slow
  42. Need some Information from experienced Emulator Users... Sega
  43. Sega CD Issues
  44. Emulator Problem: setting diagonals for fusion
  45. Gens - Can't get Fullscreen Mode To Fit My Screen
  46. Newbie Needs Help
  47. Emulator Problem: Silly problem, need help...
  48. Emulator Problem: A better run!
  49. NullDC and Porn
  50. Emulator Problem: null dc plugin
  51. Triggering 3D mode with SSF using ATI tray tools
  52. Emulator Problem: nesterJ tell me is corrupted plz prety plz help me
  53. Emulator Problem: Nulldc won't boot/work!
  54. Emulator Problem: Video/audio recording issues, SSF Beta R3
  55. Fusion emulator help?
  56. Emulator Problem: Model 2 Emulator issue?
  57. Fusion control mapping
  58. Saturn Bomberman Multitap Emulation
  59. Dreamcast Stand Alone game recommendations
  60. Problem running Snatcher on Fusion 3.64
  61. NullDC Shenmue (PAL) memory card problem
  62. Emulator Problem: Saturn emulation
  63. Emulator Problem: Multiplayer Help
  64. Major controller calibration problem I have with the Model 2 emulator and Daytona USA
  65. Question about Sega's Nascar arcade from 2000....
  66. Is there a way to configure your mouse as a controller with the Model 2 emulator?
  67. Sega Saturn emulator that doesnt require the use of Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%?
  68. Emulator Problem: Kega Fusion Skipping on Windows 7 64-bit?
  69. Emulator Problem: Sega CD emulators won't play cutscenes
  70. Sonic Adventure 2 on nulldc with windows 7?
  71. Emulator Problem: NULL DC version gamepad compatible
  72. Most accurate emulators for each system? MESS included
  73. Game Problem: Code Veronica Disc 2 won't start (nulldc)
  74. Emulator Problem: Null DC wont play games
  75. What to do with these files?
  76. Emulator Problem: Fast Blur
  77. Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) Emulator for Symbian^3 devices?
  78. Update on my Model2 controller configuration problems....
  79. Emulator Problem: How do I start a game on SSF?
  80. Seperate Rom Settings - Elsemi SM2 Emu
  81. Game Problem: Tech Romancer (And Grandia II): I really want to fight Robot-style!
  82. Some SSF questions
  83. sega saturn ssf emulator error
  84. Which Genesis emulator works best for slower computers?
  85. Emulator Problem: Can't Mount Cue from Sega Cue Maker with DAEMON Tools
  86. Emulator Problem: Fusion keeps crashing?
  87. Game Problem: Lunar 2 Crashes at Specific Spot in Game
  88. Emulator Problem: cant run ssf
  89. chankast
  90. chankast iso
  91. Ristar sound problem in Fusion emulator
  92. Looking for someone to write a Mega Drive/SEGA Arcade emulator in Unity 3.5
  93. SetUp Sega CD Emulator
  94. Emulator Problem: SSF Saturn 3D Controller Compatibility
  95. Why are there only one good working Dreamcast emulator?
  96. Emulator Problem: Sega Saturn Yabause ISO questions
  97. Emulator Problem: Problems with new kega fusion
  98. Emulator Problem: SSF Emulator Audio/Video problems
  99. Emulator Problem: Having some trouble playing MVC2.
  100. problem with numpad butons in nulldc
  101. Help with name of Genesis game.
  102. Help Please!
  103. Help Please!
  104. Emulator Problem: How to set up Multiple Controllers in NullDC?
  105. Emulator Problem: SEGA Model 2: Virtual On control issue
  106. I Have A Q About nullDC
  107. Satrun BIOs
  108. SSF Emulator
  109. Yabause problem
  110. Game Problem: Very low Sound in some cars in MSR in NullDC
  111. megadrive emulator
  112. Game Loading problems
  113. Yabause controlls
  114. Setting up Yabause 0.9.12 for Windows
  115. Chankast Problem
  116. Emulator Problem: SSF Freeze and Crash
  117. Nulldc, sonic advenuture 2, fps lag, computer specs
  118. NullDC Fast forward
  119. Emulator Problem: fusion emulator crash/freeze
  120. Emulator Problem: nullDC: 'unable to find bios' / Chankast: any alternative to daemon tools?
  121. sega cd trouble
  122. Fusion opens slowly for everyone or just me?
  123. Issue with SSF Saturn Emulator
  124. Shining the Holy Ark
  125. Game Problem: Sega Saturn Game Burning
  126. Newer versions of Nulldc have been released
  127. Emulator Problem: SSF using Filters v0.1.5.4, wont work in full screen
  128. New cycle-accurate Mega-Drive emulator available!
  129. Emulator Problem: SSF Emulator Problem
  130. SSF won't play .WAVs?
  131. Emulator Problem: Trying to use lxdream emulator on my MacBook Pro
  132. Game Problem: nullDC + Shenmue
  133. Question about Dragon Force on Sega Saturn
  134. Satourne tutorial request
  135. Emulator Problem: KEGA sound issues
  136. SSF Audio Stutter
  137. SSF simply refuses to work! >:(
  138. Game Problem: snatcher on fusion 364
  139. Good enough for great running SFF?
  140. Emulator Problem: Unable to run the Fusion emulator
  141. Emulator Problem: SSF/Satourne Problems
  142. Emulator Problem: Song Order for Sega CD using Sega Cue
  143. reicast - dreamcast emulator for android (and more!)
  144. Quick Question
  145. Emulator Problem: Demul making a comeback?
  146. SSF runs but window doesn't show up
  147. Emulator Problem: BIOS for Gen+
  148. Emulator Problem: SSF and Dragon Force Help!
  149. Any step-by-step guide to playing on this?
  150. Game Problem: Phantasy Star (Master System)
  151. Massive, MASSIVE frustration with Kega Fusion and running it fullscreen
  152. NullDC using two keyboards at once
  153. Game Problem: I have a problem with the controllers of the game Shadow the hedgehog
  154. Emulator Problem: Kega Fusion 3.64 runs at 30fps in fullscreen
  155. Game Problem: Panzer Dragoon Saga: Disc 2 Invisible walls
  156. Kega Fusion (Disable white noise?)
  157. SSF Shining Force III Problem! Please Help!
  158. i wanna an 32bit emulator for dreamcast without NullDC
  159. Emulicious - An emulator for SEGA Master System and Game Gear
  160. SEGA DREAMCAST (null dc v 1.04) Sound problems ! any plugins ?
  161. Video & Audio Recording with SSF 0.12 beta R3
  162. NullDC + codebreaker
  163. Problem with Genesis, 32X and Sega CD controls on fusion emulator
  164. How do I use my Sega Dreamcast controller via USB Adapter with NULLDC? nothing works
  165. Can't mount .CUE files. It's not a naming problem, please help!
  166. Emulator Problem: My controller from Radioshack won't respond with the Genesis Emulator "Fusion"
  167. Game Problem: Need help with iso/cue, no bin.
  168. No Dreamcast BIOS.bin
  169. NullDC - Controller Mapping
  170. Emulator Problem: Fusion save states.
  171. Question: Fusion+Light Phaser+Mouse
  172. SSF Emulator question ^^
  173. Emulator Problem: Controller configuration not working in Regen
  174. SEGA Model 2 Emulator Question
  175. Game Problem: Game shows up as Audio CD
  176. nulldc dreamcast emulator issues
  177. NullDC SA2 problems.
  178. Sega Saturn Emulator Issues - SSF
  179. Fusion 3.64 controller issue..... How do I save my controller settings?
  180. Sega Dreamcast USB Converter question
  181. How do I save my controller settings for Kega Fusion and set it as default?
  182. Emulator Problem: What happened to my saved games?
  183. Running Gens with broadcasting software.
  184. Fusion pillar boxing help
  185. good open-source sega genesis emulator?
  186. Help playing WINNING POST on Acer Iconia Table
  187. Emulator Problem: Do any Emulators support 'rapid fire buttons'
  188. Emulator Problem: Shenmue 2 pal disk won't load in Null DC past Sega logo
  189. SSF Issue
  190. Looking for- SegaGenesis: Shining Force
  191. KEGA Fusion: Windows 10 game slow down?
  192. Emulator Problem: 60 fps fusion 364
  193. Emulator Problem: Kiga Fusion - 20 mins to start?
  194. Emulator Problem: NullDC not remembering controller selection
  195. How do get the VIBRATION to work with NullDC (Dreamcast) emulator?
  196. Emulator Problem: Kega Fusion Log AVI Files and Render Plugin 2xSal (Kreed)
  197. Baku Baku Animal ROM that works?
  198. Emulator Problem: Wgens will not take Screenshot
  199. Using XBOX 360 controller with Fusion
  200. ROM types - what's what?
  201. Emulator Problem: Can't get mt controller to work on Kega Fusion
  202. Emulator Problem: NullDC - unable to load any PVR (graphics) plugin
  203. bumbed out on saturn emulation?
  204. Kega Fusiion/Gens - can't get emulator to recognise kb input.
  205. Emulator Problem: Kega Fusion
  206. Trouble with Saturn Emulator
  207. SSF Startup error
  208. Setting Controls w/Ipac4 in Fusion. Stuck Input
  209. "Developed For Use Only With NTSC Genesis Systems"
  210. Tkdgen GUI DPI
  211. KGen list of games.
  212. Mega CD backups - beginner help needed!!
  213. Kega Fusion, OS Sierra issues
  214. Emulator Problem: NULLDL how Save
  215. Gamecube Usb Controller NULLDC not work.
  216. Emulator Problem: Problem to emulate the Sonic CD in cell phone Nokia E63 PicoDrive
  217. Emulator Problem: PicoDrive v1.51 (Genesis/Sega CD) for Symbians phones screen bug
  218. Emulator Problem: Genesis Plus GX
  219. Emulator Problem: dont know how to get emulator to work
  220. Spoilers Inside: looking for a game
  221. Emulator Problem: Fusion joystick
  222. Another Fusion problem (resolution)
  223. Emulator Problem: Kega Fusion Landstalker - Walking issues
  224. Emulator Problem: SSF Emulator fails to initialize on Win10
  225. Emulator Problem: Nulldc sound problem
  226. Emulator Problem: Is it the emulator or the controller?
  227. Android Sega CD problems
  228. Emulator Problem: Kega Fusion's Quick Save and Quick Load Problem - Error Saving State Problem
  229. Emulator Problem: Some games start themselves sutomatically
  230. Slam City with Scottie Pippen
  231. Emulator Problem: Need a Genesis Emulator with slow down and speed up emulation (like 25%-800%)
  232. Fusion - Autostart Games with BAT.File
  233. DEMUL Emulator is reaching new heights
  234. Emulator Problem: KEGA Fusion Is Acting Up... Again... Need Help.
  235. Emulator Problem: Kega emulator won't save
  236. Fusion - Fullscreen PAL always has border top and bottom
  237. Anyone else has this problem Panzer Dragoon Saga?
  238. Emulator Problem: SSF will not launch
  239. Xbox one Controller on Fusion Emulator
  240. Emulator Problem: Kronos Saturn 1.5 too fast
  241. SG-1000
  242. Emulator Problem: Emulator game freezes when loading.
  243. Using Retroarch for Sega Saturn
  244. is 3 players in a classic sonic game is possible?
  245. choppy video genesis emulation
  246. SSF emulator home page moved
  247. Odd issue in Fusion Emulator - Controller and Lunar Silver Star Story
  248. Sonic cd ++ U ripped music ver anyone?
  249. can't extract chankast emulator after download
  250. bee - Emulator for SMS, SG 1000, Colecovision