Emulator Problem: NullDC - unable to load any PVR (graphics) plugin


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I've been having quite a rough time getting NullDC Dreamcast emulator to work, and now it seems this is my last problem.

When I try to start the emulator, I get an error message saying "unable to load drkPvr_Win32.dll - error level 104"

That of course being a PowerVR graphics plugin. I'm then prompted to select a plugin, but none show up on the drop down menu. I checked several times and I DO have the correct plugin in my plugins folder, and I ALSO have the other available PVR plugin (nullPvr_Win32) but I'm not able to load them.

I am using the most recent version of NullDC available on this very website, and I am using Windows 7 64-bit with DirectX 11. Everything should be up to date, but for some reason even after combing Google for help I can't figure out why the emulator won't load the PVR plugin. I even re-downloaded the emulator and tried again. No change.
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I don't have experience with nullDC beyond trying it once on an old pc. I dont know but i can tell u...

the old version had a chankaPvr plugin aswell, and required the 2005 microsoft visual c++(cpp) runtime package be installed, u can get any microsoft redist packages directly from the ms site. I don't remember and maybe mistaken but the newer cpp runtime packs maynot be fully backward compatable, so u may need to intal one ontop of another.

the nullDC docs also stated comatability issues with onboard graphic/intel IGPs.

i know the new one must be different, but im not familiar. between that, the readme docs for the new one i assume u would have with it, and whatever troubles u didn't mention which you already encounted setting up nullDC?? perhaps would shed some light on it.