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Thread: fMSX-Android Release News

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    Talking fMSX-Android Release News

    Starting with fMSX-Android 3.6.2, I have fixed the virtual keyboard display in the accelerated mode and enabled video acceleration by default. As it takes less time to update the screen, the number of drawn frames has been increased to 65%, so the emulation should feel much smoother now. You can get the latest fMSX-Android here:

    Free version:

    Ad-free version:

    If you are an existing fMSX-Android user, you will have to uninstall and then reinstall fMSX in order for the new default settings to take effect. Or you can set them manually in Settings. If you are having any performance problems with the new fMSX, please do not hesitate reporting them here. Always mention what hardware you are running fMSX on.

    * Switched to using video acceleration by default.
    * Increased the number of frames drawn by default.
    * Now showing button labels and keyboard with video acceleration enabled.
    * No longer deleting buttons layout on each upgrade.
    * Added fast navigation with sections to the file selector.
    * Improved the file selector UI look and feel.
    * Enlarged screenshots in the file selector and Freeze/Restore.

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    Red face fMSX-Android Release News

    Hello, All!

    I have just released fMSX-Android 3.6.11, a new version of my MSX home computer emulator:

    Full version:

    Free version:

    The new version includes a few changes to the Z80 CPU emulation, full support for iCade joysticks, including button remapping option, and improved File Selector.

    * Added undocumented opcode 71h to the Z80 emulation.
    * Added more realistic "LD R,A" opcode to the Z80 emulation.
    * Added optional iCade joystick support (see Settings).
    * Added iCade support to File Selector, Gallery, and Settings.
    * iCade buttons can now be assigned via "Assign Keys" in Settings.
    * Added "Show Real Names" menu option to the File Selector.
    * Optimized File Selector by not rescanning folder after running emulation.

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    Thumbs up fMSX-Android Release News

    I have released fMSX-Android 3.6.12, a new version of my MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator:

    Starting with this version, you will be able to find stuff printed to the MSX printer in the /sdcard/fMSX/PrinterOutput.txt file. I have also fixed the SHIFT key on the physical keyboards and added support for two missing Xperia Play buttons.

    * Directed MSX printer output to /sdcard/fMSX/PrinterOutput.txt.
    * Fixed SHIFT key accidentally triggering N key.
    * Fixed support for Xperia Play FIREA and FIREB buttons.
    * Added sort-by-date mode to the File Selector.

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    Red face fMSX-Android Release News

    Hello, All!

    I have published fMSX 3.6.14 for Android, a new version of my MSX home computer emulator:

    This version mainly contains bug fixes. fMSX did not crash very often in the first place, but it should crash less now.

    * Fixed File Selector toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
    * Fixed situation where some people got empty file lists in File Selector.
    * Fixed a rare crash when reporting failed license check.
    * Fixed possible crash in Preferences.
    * Added Android menu and action items to the Gallery.

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    Red face fMSX-Android Release News

    Hello, All!

    I have finally added a realistically looking virtual keyboard to fMSX-Android 3.7, published to Google Play today: (full version) (free version)

    In this new version, I have also reorganized the menu system and optimized the File Selector for faster and smoother operation. Also, the nag-free fMSX Deluxe now costs only $1.99 (1.99 euros in EU) on Google Play. I doubt that more people will buy it, even at this rather miniscule price, but let us test this theory for a while.

    * Added realistically looking virtual MSX keyboard.
    * Collapsed all advanced menu items into single Advanced submenu.
    * Made NetPlay a single checkable menu item.
    * Now only showing File Selector progress dialog for large folders.
    * Optimized File Selector labels and screenshots for smoother scrolling.
    * Optimized communications from native code to Java code.
    * Fixed NetPlay crash when own IP address cannot be detected.

    Have fun!

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    Default Re: fMSX-Android Release News

    A screenshot of the latest virtual keyboard design

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    Talking fMSX-Android Release News

    Hello, All!

    I have just released fMSX-Android 3.7.3: -- full version -- free version

    There have been many changes since the last version, published more than a month ago. The emulator has gained working automatic frame-skip, configurable fast-forward speed, better file search, nicer looking File Selector, and many other features. See the list below.

    * Now exiting emulation when user presses BACK twice (not once as before).
    * Uncheck "Press BACK Twice to Quit" setting to restore original behavior.
    * Added "Completely Delete File" to the File Selector context menu.
    * Added "Report Non-Working File" to the File Selector context menu.
    * Added configurable fast-forward speed (x2, x4, x8, or maximal).
    * Added working automatic frame-skip option (set "Draw Frames" to "auto").
    * Now checking "/storage", then "/mnt" when searching for files.
    * Now also searching for .ZIP files.
    * Moga analog directional pad works now.
    * Added even/odd entry shading to File Selector, for better navigation.
    * Added background to State Exchange and NetPlay selectors.
    * Added entry shading to State Exchange and NetPlay selectors.
    * Fixed a license verification crash when no network available.

    Have fun!

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    Talking fMSX-Android Release News

    Hello, All!

    It is fMSX users' lucky day today. fMSX-Android 3.7.4, the new version of my MSX home computer emulator, has been pushed to the Google Play: (free version) (full version)

    Starting with this version, all new fMSX installations will default to automatic frame skipping mechanism, for smoothest video on both old and new Android devices. Existing fMSX users can enable this feature manually, by setting "Draw Frames" option to "automatic". If you are experiencing lag or jitter with the auto frame skip enabled, turn it off and let me know.

    I have also fixed support for directional pads found in iPega gamepads, reordered initial dialogs by importance, and made a few other rather important fixes. The below for the complete list.

    * Added support for directional pad on iPega gamepads.
    * Switched to automatic frame skipping by default, for smooth video.
    * Existing users should manually set "Draw Frames" option to "Automatic".
    * Fixed initial parameter passing to the native code.
    * Fixed automatic frame skip computation based on frame rate.
    * Fixed "Draw Frames" option that was stuck at "65%".
    * No longer hiding action bar when MENU pressed, to retain access to items.
    * Ordered initial dialogs by importance (About, Change Log, Progress).
    * Added Twitter link to the change log, use it to keep track of updates.

    Have fun!

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    Wink fMSX-Android Release News

    Hello, All!

    I have updated fMSX-Android, my MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ home computer emulator, to version 3.7.5 on the Google Play: (full version) (free version)

    This release introduces a couple of very important fixes to the Z80 CPU emulation. The R register should now count cycles properly, and the corner case of LDIR/LDDR overwriting themselves is being handled. From now on, fMSX will a keep separate emulation state snapshot for every disk image you load, same as with cartridges. I have also fixed support for generic USB joysticks with numbered buttons. See the full list of changes below.

    * Now autosaving emulation state for disk images.
    * Added Freeze/Restore functionality for disk images.
    * Added accurate R register emulation.
    * Added accurate LDIR/LDDR emulation.
    * Generic joystick buttons can now be assigned and used.
    * Added default mappings for generic joystick buttons #1..#10.

    Have fun!

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    Talking fMSX-Android Release News

    Hello, All!

    Today, I am rolling out fMSX-Android 3.7.6, a new version of my MSX/MSX2 Home Computer emulator: (full version) (free version)

    Starting with this release, fMSX officially supports GoogleTV devices updated to Android 4.x, such as LG G2/G3 TVs. If you have one of these TVs, you should now be able to play your favorite MSX games on a big screen, using keyboard on your Magic Remote. Plug in a USB joystick for better experience.

    I have also switched to the OpenSLES native sound API, to reduce latency and make the whole thing faster. Android 2.2 (Frodo) users will continue using the Java sound API, as they do not have OpenSLES.

    There have been many other fixes to the fMSX code since the last update. See the following list for complete details:

    * fMSX now runs on Google TVs updated to Android 4.x (LG G2/G3).
    * Now defaulting to OpenSLES native audio, for minimal latency.
    * Now recycling bitmaps to prevent Bitmap.nativeCreate() crashes.
    * Added optional grid view to the File Selector.
    * Added folder icons to the File Selector.
    * Added new "contour" joystick shape (see "Virtual Joystick Shape" setting).
    * Added "Audio Rate" setting, for controlling sampling rate.
    * Added "Native Audio" setting, for disabling OpenSLES, if needed.
    * No longer requiring touchscreen support from the Android device.
    * Made grid view default on Google TVs.
    * Fixed stutter during NetPlay connection process.
    * Fixed audio initialization always setting 100ms latency.
    * Fixed audio pause/resume when activity pauses or resumes.
    * Refactored audio control between Java and native code.


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