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Thread: MasterGear-Android 2.7.1 Published

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    Thumbs up MasterGear-Android 2.7.1 Published

    Just published MasterGear 2.7.1 for Android:

    Basically, adding the changes previously added to my other emulators:

    * Fixed duplicated images/labels in Freeze/Restore.
    * The action bar can now be toggled with a vertical fling gesture.
    * Added autosaved state and two more slots to the Freeze/Restore.
    * Added screenshots to Freeze/Restore slots.
    * Added Italian translation.

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    Lightbulb MasterGear-Android Release News

    Today, I have updated the Android version of MasterGear. The new MasterGear-Android 2.7.2 is available here:

    The main changes are support for .IPS patch files (yes, translations), faster and smoother non-accelerated video, and improved file selector. Full list of changes follows:

    * Improved non-accelerated video, making it faster and smoother.
    * Added .IPS patch support. For "mygame.sms", name your patch file "mygame.ips".
    * Added labels for CHT/SAV/IPS files to the file selector.
    * Now showing button labels with OpenGLES acceleration enabled.
    * No longer deleting buttons layout on each upgrade.
    * Added fast navigation with sections to the file selector.
    * Improved the file selector UI look and feel.
    * Enlarged screenshots in the file selector and Freeze/Restore.

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    Lightbulb MasterGear-Android Release News

    Published MasterGear 2.7.4 for Android today:

    This release catches up with the changes I have made to my other console emulators (VGBA, VGB, and iNES) over the last couple of weeks.

    * Fixed a Layout Editor problem where a button could go off-screen.
    * Made buttons stick to the nearest screen edges.
    * Made button cues solid.
    * Fixed legacy wire-frame joystick display.
    * Fixed a few bugs in the license verification code.
    * Fixed handling of the FILL patch chunks inside .IPS files.
    * Switched to surfaces for faster and smoother non-accelerated video.
    * Further optimized synchronization between Java and native code.
    * Made file selector load directory listings faster.

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    Thumbs up MasterGear-Android Release News

    Just released MasterGear 2.7.5 here:

    It brings all the latest changes introduced in iNES and VGBA:

    * Made virtual controls resizable via "Virtual Joystick Size" option.
    * Added automatic skip rate control via "Frames to Draw" option.
    * Removed garbage at screen edges in accelerated OpenGLES mode.
    * Added file selector labels for new files and MIDI records
    * Made display updates even faster by skipping unchanged areas.
    * Made directional joypad easier to control.
    * Fixed tactile feedback feature.

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    Thumbs up MasterGear-Android Release News

    Released MasterGear-Android 2.7.6 today:

    * Added State Exchange feature letting users swap their gameplay states.
    * Localized all prompts in the State Exchange feature.
    * Now stopping native thread on startup, in case previous instance has been running.
    * Fixed screen updates in Advanced Settings and Debugger.

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    Talking MasterGear-Android Release News

    Ending this week with the release of MasterGear 2.7.8 for Android:

    In this release, you can use the NetPlay feature to play with other MasterGear users over local network or Internet. Please keep in mind that you should both be running the same game. Also, both your Android devices should either be on the same local network or have Internet-visible IP addresses. Select "Connect NetPlay" from the menu to start playing.

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    Wink MasterGear-Android Release News

    Just released MasterGear 2.7.9 for Android:

    This release adds configurable joystick shapes, with two alternative shapes included, and the extended file selector that shows cartridge hardware information, if found in a file.

    * Added configurable joystick shapes, with two alternative shapes.
    * Moved invisible and wireframe joystick settings to "Virtual Joystick Shape".
    * Added more options under "Virtual Joystick Opacity".
    * File selector now shows hardware information, if found in a file.
    * Localized all NetPlay messages.

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    Red face MasterGear-Android Release News

    Released a new version 2.7.10 of MasterGear for Android today, bringing in all the newest features and fixes from my other emulators:

    The MasterGear will play games written for Sega MasterSystem, GameGear, and SG-1000. It also emulates the SC-3000 home computer and SF-7000 disk drive. The new Android version brings the social network sharing and fixes button display on Android 2.x devices, among other things.

    * Added "Share" menu item for letting others know what you are playing.
    * Added "Help" menu item to the file selector.
    * Fixed button labels and keyboard display on Android 2.x devices.
    * Fixed screenshots quality.
    * Removed extra text line from NetPlay and StateExchange lists.
    * Made all "Help" menus point to the FAQ web site section.
    * Switched all URLs from to

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    Wink MasterGear-Android Release News

    New MasterGear 2.7.11 for Android has been published:

    Introducing changes made to iNES, VGB, and my other emulators earlier.

    * Added CoverFlow-like 3D screenshot browser to the File Selector.
    * Fixed hangups on Android 2.x device rotation with OpenGLES enabled.
    * Added Change Log dialog showing up after each upgrade.
    * Added "Rate Me" option to the change log dialog.

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    Red face MasterGear-Android Release News

    Updated MasterGear for Android to version 2.7.12 this morning:

    Optimized the File Selector to work with large directories and made the license check procedure less frequent.

    * Optimized File Selector to show large directories faster and without crashing.
    * Now showing more file information when there is no screenshot.
    * Fixed alphabetical index in the File Selector.
    * Fixed licensing check problem where app tried checking license on every run.

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