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Thread: VGBA-Android 3.9.9 with improved Cheatopedia

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    Talking VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    This week's VGBA-Android 3.9.26 release is out:

    The main addition is the automatic frame skip control that you can enable under the "Frames to Draw" setting. It is supposed to produce smooth game play on fast devices, while keeping things fast on slow devices. This feature is still experimental, so give it a try and report your experiences on the forum.

    I have also added much requested "Have all HMs&TMs" and "Have all Pokeballs" cheats to the Pokemon Emerald Cheatopedia. And the cheats for the first Fire Emblem game, too.

    * Added automatic frame skip control (under "Frames to Draw" option).
    * Fixed handling of conditional ActionReplay and CodeBreaker codes.
    * Added "All HMs&TMs" and "All Pokeballs" cheats to Pokemon Emerald Cheatopedia.
    * Added Fire Emblem 1 cheats to the Cheatopedia.
    * Added file selector labels for new files, MIDI and VBA savefiles.

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    Red face VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    New VGBA-Android 3.9.27 can be found here:

    The main change is the ability to change virtual joystick size.

    * Made virtual controls resizable via "Virtual Joystick Size" option.
    * Added automatic skip rate control via "Frames to Draw" option.
    * Removed garbage at screen edges in accelerated OpenGLES mode.
    * Fixed Fire Emblem 2 Cheatopedia entry.

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    Default Re: VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Small VGBA-Android 3.9.28 update published last night:

    Mainly adding Cheatopedia stuff requested by the users. This includes two Medabots games, One Hit Kill and Pokerus cheat codes for Pokemon Emerald.

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    Red face VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    I have added a significant new feature to VGBA today:

    Starting with VGBA-Android 3.9.29, you can now swap your gameplay states with other users. In order to do that, select "Exchange States" from the menu. You will see the list of states for the game you are playing, uploaded by other users. You can either select a state to download or upload your own state.

    Note that a game state is not an actual game, but just a frozen point in a game. In order to use it, you still need to have the actual game file, as well as own the game cartridge. Please, do not play games you do not own with VGBA.

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    Lightbulb VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Finishing week with the VGBA-Android 3.9.30 release:

    This update fixes a bunch of small bugs I have been going to take care
    of for a while.

    * Localized all prompts in the State Exchange feature.
    * Now deleting .CHT file when all codes removed in Cheat Editor.
    * Now stopping native thread on startup, in case previous instance has been running.
    * Fixed screen updates in Advanced Settings.
    * Added Easy Catch cheat to Pokemon Fire and Leaf entries.

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    Cool VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    For a long time, people complained about audio quality in VGBA. I have been working to fix the problem and finally released VGBA-Android 3.9.31 today, with much better audio:

    The new version reduces latency so many people complained about and removes most of the background noise. A bit of noise may still occur in some games. Please, report these games to me.

    * Greatly improved audio quality and reduced latency.
    * Fixed sound in Pokemon Fire Red, Leaf Green, and other games.
    * Switched to more precise sound rendering method.
    * Limited audio buffer size to 150ms, rounding it to nearest 4 bytes.
    * No longer losing audio samples when audio DMA restarts.
    * Properly assigning timers to DMA channels when draining audio.

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    Red face VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Another week, another VGBA-Android release:

    VGBA-Android 3.9.32 adds the ability to change how virtual joystick looks (via "Virtual Joystick Skin" option) and extends Cheatopedia with entries for Monster Rancher games.

    * Added "Virtual Joystick Skin" option to change virtual gamepad look.
    * Added alternative virtual joystick skin from Miroslaw Kocur.
    * Added Monster Rancher and Monster Rancher 2 to the Cheatopedia.
    * Now showing the "NEW" label only for files that have recently changed.
    * Removed unused bitmaps from the package.

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    Wink Re: VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Published VGBA-Android 3.9.33 today:

    Starting with this version, the file selector shows full cartridge information, including producer's name, language, ROM size, etc. Also made many fixes to Cheatopedia navigation, should be flawless now.

    * File selector now shows full cartridge information.
    * Fixed Cheatopedia navigation.
    * Fixed disappearing checkmarks in Cheatopedia.
    * Now saving Cheatopedia path when cancelling cheat selection.

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    Thumbs up VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    There is a somewhat urgent VGBA-Android 3.9.34 release today:

    Many users reported that after the last VGBA update, some Cheatopedia cheats turned into empty folders. The new VGBA version fixes that and adds a new virtual joystick skin, for those who liked the old circular directional pad.

    * Fixed Cheatopedia bug that made some cheats turn into folders.
    * Added joystick skin with round directional pad.
    * Moved invisible and wireframe joystick settings to "Virtual Joystick Shape".
    * Added more options under "Virtual Joystick Opacity".

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    Default Re: VGBA-Android Release Announcements

    Very nice!

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