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Thread: iNES-Android 3.7.2 Published

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    Hello, All!

    I have just released iNES 5.1.1 for Android, a new version of my NES and Famicom emulator:

    This release fixes gamepads operation on ShieldTV and other AndroidTV devices. I am now skipping "virtual" input devices that do not represent real gamepads. I have also fixed the DropBox crash, which occurred when your app folder had subfolders, and moved to the latest Android SDK version. See below for all the changes.

    * Fixed DropBox crash when app folder has subfolders.
    * Fixed gamepad on Nvidia ShieldTV and other AndroidTV devices.
    * Any input devices named as "virtual-*" are now ignored.
    * Any virtual (android-16) and disabled (android-27) devices are ignored.
    * Switched to the latest android-27 SDK.
    * Now using Android build tools version 27.0.2.


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    Hello, All!

    I've updated iNES-Android to version 5.1.2 today:

    This release fixes rare native code crashes when saving game states or applying .IPS patch files. I also fixed placing shortcuts to the home screen, which was broken on newer Androids. The "Add to Home Screen" option in the File Selector popup menu should work once again. See below for the complete list of changes.

    * Fixed native crash when saving state.
    * Fixed several other possible sources of native crashes.
    * Fixed desktop icon placement.
    * Fixed crash when passing "file://" URI via desktop icon.
    * Fixed possible native crash when applying .IPS patches.

    Have fun!

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