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ZSNES May 14 WIP is now available!


Windows 10
* ALL: Rejoice for much more complete DSP-3 code. [Nach]
* ALL: Fixed two hacks to work properly. Deae Tonosama Appare Ichiban and Lamborghini - American Challenge are working again. [Jonas Quinn]
* ALL: Fixed SRAM Mapping. Dezaemon, Tokimeki Memorial, Fire Emblem - Thracia 776, Dragon Knight 4 and some others are fixed, now. [Jonas Quinn]
* ALL: Fixed missing game info on load if you used the battery feature. [Jonas Quinn]
* ALL: Fixed OBC-1 code. [Jonas Quinn]
* ALL: Trim top two lines from top of screen when using NTSC filter because it seems to want to draw green crap there [pagefault]
* W_S: Finally fixed the most annoying bug ever. ZSNES will no longer jump back into the GUI randomly if you press F2 / F4 or some other buttons repeatedly. Special thanks to Dan for the clues on how to recreate it. [Jonas Quinn]
* WIN: Win 1600x1200 modes are now really x1200 [grinvader]
* WIN: Disable vsync when fast forwarding, inspired by pSXAuthor [pagefault]
* WIN: NTSC filter now usable in all windowed modes that are DR [pagefault]
* GUI: Tell the user that dual mice are not detected when enabled and they really aren't there [pagefault]
* SRC: Removed Super Final Match Tennis hack because it does nothing [Jonas Quinn]
* SRC: Removed hacks for Human Grand Prix 1 & 2, since the hack is only for HGP3 [Jonas Quinn]
* SRC: Removed useless code, and fixed typo in uic.c [Jonas Quinn]
* SRC: Improved CPU detection for 64 bit CPUs. [Nach]
* WIP: Now using the SVN repository, SVN revision number is now included in the changelog. [ipher]
* WIP: Now using mingw32 to compile ZSNESW. [ipher]