Yabause 0.0.4 Released!


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A new emulator for the Sega Saturn was released today under the terms of the GPL. You're probably thinking to yourself "yet another buggy and uncomplete Saturn emulator". Well that is also what the authors were thinking because that's what "Yabause" stands for. (I thought it was cute) Guillaume Duhamel took the emulator live today with version 0.0.4. Here's the changelog for the emulator:
  • 0.0.2 -> 0.0.4
  • added debugging possibility, can now pause/resume emulation and execute instructions step by step;
  • opcodes are disassembled interactively.
  • early emulations of different cpu/onchip modules: scu, vdp and dmac;
  • translate most of the code from french to english;
  • added synchronisation between processors;
  • yabause is now using SDL, remove all fork/ipc code and use SDL_Thread instead.
  • 0.0.1 -> 0.0.2
  • "mull" is now decoded;
  • changed the way the opcodes are decoded, now using a table with pointers to function, should be faster.
  • now tests if the interrupt level is correct before accepting one.
  • early emulation, just throws an interrupt every half-frame.
  • vdp1 and vdp2 are now synchronized with the master sh;
  • fixed some memory bug, all the shared memory allocated is de-allocated;
  • now using configure/make, should be more portable;
  • modified things to be more c++ and less linux/c.
You can get it from their homepage, hosted by the good people at Sourceforge. Just click here


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The available downloads are in Unix Tar format that countain source code :blink:

That's right... I cant compile it(no linux installed at the moment).


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Thanks for the interest !

The last version out is 0.0.5, not 0.0.4 :)

I managed to compile it on windows
using mingw, if you want to give it
a try you have to add the line

yabause_LDADD=-SDLmain -mingw32

to the "src/Makefile.am" file.
It's not working perfectly on windows,
but I'm working on it.

Guillaume (yabause author)


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If that is the case I need to dig up my compilers(I wonder where they are???).

Thanks for the info guillaume :)