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Winehq 8.0.2


Well-known member
Bugs fixed in 8.0.2 (total 27):

- #11436 Pepakura viewer: err:wgl:X11DRV_wglShareLists Could not share display lists, context already created !
- #35254 Freemake Video Converter 4.1 installer complains about running Freemake processes (builtin 'findstr' stub app always returns "match")
- #49964 32-bit dxdiag doesn't support '/64bit' command line switch (launch 64-bit dxdiag)
- #51178 The Bat! v9.3.4.12: Missing content in TTreeViews on Windows versions higher than 8
- #52322 wineserver memory leak during HTTPs download (Genshin Impact Launcher, Qt5)
- #53073 mfplat: unimplemented function while loading Devil May Cry 1
- #53704 Bible Black ~La Noche de Walpurgis~ won't start
- #53781 Multiple apps crash on unimplemented function CFGMGR32.dll.CM_MapCrToWin32Err (Matrix Awakens MegaCity Unreal Engine 5.1 demo, Hogwarts Legacy)
- #53794 Sins of the Solar Empire Rebellion (Gog 1.975.1) crashes on unimplemented function concrt140.dll.?_CheckTaskCollection@_UnrealizedChore@details@Concurrency@@IAEXXZ
- #53826 Attempting to install / update battle.net fails with Qt error
- #53983 Chromium broken sandbox, needs NtQueryInformationProcess with ProcessHandleTable
- #54110 CubicSDR crashes on unimplemented function msvcp140.dll.?_Rethrow_future_exception@std@@YAXVexception_ptr@1@@Z
- #54618 VARA FM crashes on unimplemented function pdh.dll.PdhVbGetDoubleCounterValue
- #54640 Treecomp listviews and possibly other widgets are not drawn
- #54675 Chocolatey OpenSSH installer fails
- #54687 LibreVR Revive fails to run (CertGetNameStringW with dwType=CERT_NAME_ATTR_TYPE and pvTypePara missing additional fallbacks)
- #54702 ldp.exe crashes when attempting to add, delete, modify, or compare an entry without a name
- #54724 LDAP bind over SSL to a server and port that do not support SSL hangs forever
- #54728 Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo takes +- 9 minutes to complete extracting 'Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 DEMO.msi' (disabling 'Light' theme works around)
- #54733 Notepad3 crashes on unimplemented function SHLWAPI.dll.StrFormatByteSizeEx
- #54799 wininet:internet - test_InternetGetConnectedStateExA() fails in the Japanese and Chinese locales in Wine
- #54808 Access violation in ntdll when running Adolix Split and Merge PDF with .NET Framework installed
- #54819 DnsQuery_A() mishandles CNAME DNS records
- #54882 Conemu fails to start (cannot attach to process)
- #54939 Dotted files are shown - but "don't show dotted" files is active
- #54960 winhttp:winhttp - test_websocket() fails on Windows and Wine
- #55008 wininet:http - test_secure_connection() fails on Windows and Wine