Windows 11 announced


Yes, most current computers in the world will have to be thrown out and replaced if you want Windows 11.

So much for recycling and reducing wastage. Well done Microsoft.

No doubt they make it mandatory to be on the internet and logged in with a Microsoft account. For me that is not going to happen.
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I'm still running 7, and hoping to skip 10 all together. Don't even get me started about 8. And for the record, M$ said 10 would be the last OS, and they would role out updates... That didn't go right obviously.


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Im was not write this earlier but there is already iso of windows 11 in web if i know well thats development version.

Google with Microsoft try to remove all links with that os.
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Yes that ISO is known about, many people have downloaded it including myself. However I will not be trying it out.

Several years ago I was given 24 old computers, most of them having Windows 7, so I took the opportunity to upgrade from XP and W2K. Windows 7 has proven to be quite good, not perfect, but good enough for me, and I'm still using it for most things. One machine had XP, 2 had Vista, and one had Windows 8. When I tried to upgrade that one to 8.1, the hard drive crashed.

Since that time a few Windows 10 machines have crept in, although only one gets regular use. It isn't on the internet, but it still every so often wants me to set up the cloud and the rest of the crap, even though that isn't possible. I'm lucky I suppose that it lets me use a local account. Windows 10 has some incredibly annoying features, such as the virus scanner that can't be gotten rid of permanently, and the File Explorer crashes several times a day.

Perhaps Windows 11 might work, or perhaps not. I'll wait and see what others have to say.