Where/how you gonna celebrate new years


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After hours of whining I convinced my mom to let me go celebrate the new year in the city with some friends. Didn't bother buying any fireworks, bought San Andreas instead. What about you folks?


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I'm gonna celebrate it in my house with my family and then I'm gonna blow a lotta fireworks on my street, skating, fooling arround, etc... :p


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With my future wife. Putting my fireworks in order now and drinking some vodka & coke just for starter!


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Hery man its 5:14 right now
couldnt post earlier man
lefter u will be proud cuz we drank some good greek wiskey or something it said greek tradition!


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i went to a guy's place. :)

ahhh the next day went to an outdoor event, saw some djs and live acts. good day.