What was the last movie you watched?


I saw a Horror / Thriller called "Dont Breathe" it was deep.


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The last film I saw was "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri". This is a masterpiece, I really liked. Especially useful for those who have long been looking for a serious film with morality.


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Avengers: Civil War was so cool. Maybe not my fav ever Marvel movie, but it was great seeing all those characters in the same screen.


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Latest DB Super Movie Brolly (2019) it was few weeks ago or months.
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The film is very cool. The play of the main actor, the music and the overall overall atmosphere make you shiver. I didn't expect this from a movie based on a comic book.



Recently have watched several movies, the biggest surprise so far was JOKER - Loved It.... Ready or Not - SICK SICK SICK - LOVED IT, Terminator Dark Fate - HATED THIS but my Boyfriend loved it


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I have a list with films which I’ve already watched. I am a movie buff, in my list you can see plenty various films. Speaking about the last film, it was *«100 Dinge». German cinematographer is eccentric. If you are interested in fashion sustainability and care about our nature, that’s for you. Be ready to spend around 2 hours for watching it.