What Version of Mame are you using????



I am curious what version of mame people tend to use most?:mellow:

I decided to go with mame32 at first because of nice user interface and it was very easy for me to load up a game,:dry: but now after many days of hunting down roms and finding some incomplete roms I am starting to reconsider using mame32. I tend to end up downloading bad roms or incomplete roms for games like Golden Axe the Revenge of Death Adder, or Dungeon and Dragons Tower of Doom. I currently have over 100 games working right now and I am familiar with having to download many sets just to get one game to run.

So which Mame version do you use?:D And do you use it because that version has many more complete roms available. Thanks in advance.



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The choice for the MAME emulator has nothing to do with whether your ROMsets are complete or not. Most MAME builds use the exact same 'standard' ROMset, but some just have added their own sets.
You should consider using a ROMmanager, such as clrmame to check your ROMs. Although it takes a while to learn using it, you'll never want to do without it.
MAME ROMsets change often, so you can't just download a set and expect it to work.
I use MAME32FX. I use it because it uses it uses the normal ROMset without any extra ROMs. It has a lot of nice extras, too.
I always use the latest version. Since I almost always keep it up-to-date (complete, including CHDs), it is not too much work to keep it at its latest version.
Good luck :)
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Thanks!:) I am going to give clrmame a try. I switched over to mame32plus104 and also plan on messing around with mameFX. I have yet to have to track down and chds yet,:dry: I am currently downloading a 15 GB full rom set via a torrent, 24 more hours to go:sleep:


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Yup, I use CommandLine Mame, with Mamewah. Currently running 108 and generally only update around once every few months

Hope everyone has plenty of spare HDD space. MameDev are in the process of converting all CPS2 titles back to their original state (4Gb CHD per game) to preserve the data from the chipsets rather than use the hacks they have at the moment.
Apparently LaserDisc emulation is also in the works and those suckers look like they're going to be huge.

Best start saving for those 1Tb drives then.
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Thank god for that. I was starting to look at new external HDD's ready for the update, and the wife had already started cracking her knuckles. :D

But now the first LaserDiscs have been added to MAME. The CHDs for the LaserDiscs will be a lot larger together than the measly 24Gb from the CPS2 ones :p


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I use the latest M.A.M.E.
M.A.M.E Plus is the one I like the best. It has turbo and more.


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I use mameplus-0.102u5-bin-intel, I luv it works excellent no hassle. Yeah I tried Death of Adder works fine, only the sound sucks a bit but game plays okay. Dungeon and Dragons hmmm works great.