What Happened To Animesuki.com?


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I dont know how long ago you checked the site for the last time but the main domain has been pointing to one of the mirrors for the past few minutes so not knowing about it is understandable.

As the boss posted "it's not related to an attack on the site, it's "just" a software upgrade gone bad. Once the datacenter technicians fix the problem the main site should be accessible again. If you are a frequent visitor it may be a good idea to bookmark a mirror, just in case". In other words it is not an attack... :)

Many idiots seem to want that site to go down so it is quite usual for it to be attacked. Too bad for them that Animesuki is here to stay... and so is Emulator Zone.

The forum should be soon online as well.


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Well Lefteris_D already mentioned it. The server admin of
the main site (not me) tried to perform a kernel upgrade,
and that seems to have gone wrong.

Oddly it is taking AGES for the people at the datacenter to
fix the problem -- really weird. They could have rebuild the
entire server (software, hardware) twice by now.

As Lefteris also pointed out, there are mirrors of AnimeSuki
though, such as:

Since I didn't think the site would be down for such a long time,
I didn't change the DNS right away. I've done now though and
of course now I wished I had done so earlier.

Oh well, hopefully the server will be back online sometime later
today (which you can tell if the AnimeSuki Forums are back online,
as there are no mirrors of the forum).