video game consule emus for the android.. free?


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im new to the android world. i know there are emulators you can buy for the android, but do you have to buy them? is there a way to download, install, and play them without buying them?
also, is there a mame emu available for the android??

i already know someone who thinks he/she knows whats best for everybody in the world and is gonna say "why dont you just buy it you cheap-skate". and the reason is simply because i dont want to. ive been playing free emus on my pc for over 15 years now and ill be damned if i start paying for them now.

to whom ever reads this, thanks for taking the time. hopefully you can answer these questions for me.
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From what I heard Google does not permit emulators to be listed in the android market. You will need to get them outside the marketplace.