USB XBOX 360 Controller for Windows 7 64 bit


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I upgraded my video card to HD 4770 and i have a USB controller from my ruined XBOX 360 , which worked fine under windows xp and vista ,but when i plug it in in windows 7 64 bit , it just turns the lights on for one second and than nothing. I tried to download the driver from Microsoft Hardware ,but the link dont want to start. If any of you have the driver , Xbox360_64eng.exe could u please upload to Rapidshare or Megaupload , i really need this badly.

Or tell me another way of makin my controller to work, thanks in advance.


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Thank you. I managed to find the 64 bit driver software 1.1 for Windows Xp ,still no luck ,although installed correctly my controller didnt work. Now i am at work tried the driver at my laptop with Vista Home premium 32 bit ,setup could not started , i will try after work in my PC and post back.


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My best guess is update Windows 7, maybe microsoft will fix the few problems I noticed, such as the mouse, but updating is the only thing I can say.


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Well it doesnt work in 2 PC-s , and one laptop, but it works in any XBOX360 i 've tried. What can be the problem ?

Yesterday Windows 7 updated a lot of components.

I already ve bought twin Joystick , a chinese product for only 8 USD two joysticks with the form of PS2 controllers lol.

I am just curious why the xbox controller works in any XBOX i ve tried and dont works in PC. It used to work one year ago even in my PC.
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