USB ID issue.


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I been building an arcade machine using windows 7 and i have many peripherals connected and assined to different inputs.

I have 7 mic connections to the computer 3 of them just for more input buttons and the other 4 used to track x and y coordinates. (and even more keyboards but that i have all working)

Usb 1 want set to my wireless keyboard and mouse combo (mouse 1)
Usb 2 to IR gun 2 (mouse 2)
Usb 3 to IR gun 3 (mouse 3)
Usb 4 to mouse 4 track ball (mouse 4)

When I set the program (mame) to:

Gun 2 (mouse 2) as player 1
Gun 3 (mouse 3) so player 2
Trackball (mouse 4)

Every thing works fine. TILL I restart the computer and the order will change to which ever device is detected first.

Gun 2 can become Gun 1 (Mouse 1)
Trackball will become (mouse 2)
and so on.

This will cause chaos to my maping and calabration and I will need to remap and calabrate to every game I want to play. I don't like this as this become inconvenient to me and my friend when switching game to play. Is their a way to set Ports and ID numbers to these Peripherals so they will not change? Thanks to all that replies.


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This is a known limitation to usb. Quick answer is XP had a reg hack that worked but win 7,8,10 do not.

I had the sane issue when I invented the To fix it I just gave each port a new usb ID and serial. The ports are still random but at least I had the ability to name them (port1,2,3,4) so it is very easy to find the one you need in a game.

In your situation that will not work. So unless your on XP your SOL and that is unfortunately the end.

The only other way to fix this for you would be a virtual USB device.