Computer Problem: Upgrades needed !


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Hi folks,

Everytime i have an idea about computers and games and i am not in grade to solve it myself, i come to this forum ,the one where i learned almost everything about games and computer in general.
Today questions is :
I have a HP COMPAQ F700 SERIES, my specific model is F750 US, it has AMD ATHLON 64 X2 1.9 GHZ, 1 GB RAM, NVIDIA 7025 M graphic card.

What i want to know is CAN I UPGRADE the processor to a new one, I would like intel ,but if its not possible ,cause i don't know what motherboard i have as no charger for the moment, i can upgrade to AMD TURION ULTRA MOBILE II 2.4GHZ ?
I have bought the 1 GB extra ram, i know it can support maximum 2 GB ,that should be more than enough for LINUX (which i will install).
So the only question remains about the processor that i am asking you. Thanks in advance to all.


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You should be able to make an upgrade, the problem is that the laptop is a bit old......... good luck finding a cpu at a good price and compatible.


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Upgraded to AMD Turion 64 dual core 2.2 ghz as that was the maximum the motherboard could support. Thanks , now since i don't want to start a new thread, i will ask here, which is the best LINUX DISTRIBUTION debian based is a MUST ,to use with this laptop?