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Another thing that would be really helpful from anyone, is to list what connectors you would like.

- vintage -

intellivision - db9 i think?

colecovision- no idea?

Atari STe, Atari Falcon030, Atari Jaguar - used vga style I think?

tg16 - WIP

I may make one universal wireless adapter , not sure how much luck ill have here.

Atari: (A friend had) (The one I had)

Yeah, both had that 9 pin slot. Brings back memories...

Hope this helps. ;)


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you have my list of systems, though add colecovision and atari 5600 to though. hope everything is still going okay. when do you think that mine will be ready, i have a list of things that all need to be bought immideatly and sadly i have limited cash resources. i have to pick and choose how i buy things. if the box is ready soon i will go ahead and give you the $$ for it first.


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Hey Genome, I just got word that the chips are as follows..

vintage col - sega 3 button

sega set all sega pads

Nintendo set a nes snes

gc/n64 set

Each is going to cost about 15, so I need at lease 3 to get all of those. So far no chip for dream cast or 15 pin Atari. Its a good thing I can make my own connectors though....

Original estimated cost.. $300

Wishful estimated cost.. $25

current estimates cost.. $50

I still hope to get it down a bit.. and I would like the get the 25 pin Atari working. I'm not sure if the 5600 used that or not, I dont think so.. So that should be good. I still dont have controllers to test with..

what I have


what I need

any wireless
turbo G16 duo and regular
sega all kinds.
dream cast
game cube
col. int. jaguar and any vintage stuff..
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thats great news, i assume it will still be a little bit. sorry i cant give you more info on how the specific controllers work. i dont own most of them myself either.:(

you could always try wikipedia,i have no idea if it would have the info you need but it does have very specific hardware specs for the consoles themselves.

50 bucks sounds great. is that total cost or just materials cost?

the ones i need most are:

atari 2600
atari 5200
sega saturn
turbo graphix 16
neo geo
dc (if it can be done of course)

i understand that all probably wont be possible but these are just my list :)

so what parts do you have left you need to get?
did you already get the molding kit??

can you give me an estimate on when it will be done;)

im so exstatic about this;):D:D:):D
cant wait to hear back from you.

this weekend i sort out gamex, an operating system, hard drives, and my mobo/cpu

hope your weekend is just as progressive;)


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Hey guys, can we keep the cash talk in PM if you're gonna be exchanging goods for services?

I don't think we have any real provisions or rules to deal with this either way, but it's been a custom of many forums to either have strict rules about this, or not allow it in public at all.

Thanks for understanding. If the situation changes I'll let you know.


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Ya wiki always helps.. ;)

atari 2600 --Got it..
colecovision --90% sure I got it
atari 5200 -- ify but not impossible
nes -- got it
snes -- got it
sega saturn --got it
turbo graphix 16 -- not sure yet
3d0 -- same
neo geo -- could be fun.. Get me a joy stick and ill try...
n64 -- got it.
psx -- got it
dc -- got it..

still working out costs for some of those..

the mould/molding is good to go, 100% success. check out the new site (link at bottom)

est on completion is very tentative, but I would guess 1-2 months I hope by xmas for sure. The more controllers I get the faster ill get it done. I only have so much r&d costs...

Good luck on gamex!!

ok To Genome and others.. The casting was 100% success.. and the site is up..






Hey guys, can we keep the cash talk in PM if you're gonna be exchanging goods for services?

I don't think we have any real provisions or rules to deal with this either way, but it's been a custom of many forums to either have strict rules about this, or not allow it in public at all.

Thanks for understanding. If the situation changes I'll let you know.
- no problem..
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Hey guys, can we keep the cash talk in PM if you're gonna be exchanging goods for services?

sorry zach my fault;)

THIS IS REAL PROGRESS!!!! i think i pooped a little.
great to hear back from you ulaoulao. i may have had a setback as far as my savings go :(
We had a car wreck over the weekend on the way to buy my 1tb hard drives. we are figuring out if it will be better to go through the insurance company or to pay out of pocket. im hoping the insurance company comes through because if not my entire projects savings are going out the window:(:( its okay as far as the joypad box goes though, i will make sure to have the money needed for it. the rest of my project may be in limbo for a while though. hopefully everything will smooth out.

let you know as more develops. i would send you any controllers i had if it would help but right now i cant afford to go buy anymore. if you just need the information though, i can research it and send you that. if you need the hardware im afraid i cant help there though.

let me know how things go;)
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I know about savings, I 'mlucky I had the money to get the molding going, speaking of!! WE HAvE PSX!! And damn it was a hard one. Had to do a two part mold for this one... This particular mold had a some errors but working 100% So I'm using this one..



Also the power supply is ready, this is only the test supply the next in production version will be smaller and a lot cleaner.


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this is great, do you need me to send you nes parts to make molds or do you have those?

keep up the good work. so is the eta still sometime around christmas/newyear?


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this is great, do you need me to send you nes parts to make molds or do you have those?

keep up the good work. so is the eta still sometime around christmas/newyear?

LOL ya Genome It's still hacking away.. No need to double post ;) Ok so the latest images are xbox molds..


Nothing fancy here, but in good news,. WE HAVE RUMBLE on the way!! Turns out rumble is not going to be hard for any sticks that support it. Also in the works and I dont think in time for this year is mem pack support. It is a WIP and I mean a WIP... but looking promising.

Ok so enough with the good news there is a down note. The Dream Cast is not easy.. They wrote their own protocol for usb-ish communication and its not easy to emulate. The alternative is to pop for the adapters that are out there and I can just add them in mine. So its not a stopper but makes for a bit of a price bump.

Oh and Genome If you have a molded casing you want to ship me for your "project" send it to me. I'm ready to start your build. Unless you just want to wait till I get one done and rip it apart your self. You choice, I'm game either way. To answer you question "christmas/newyear?" I would say its close. but all the parts are ready minus some fine tuning.

So first) send me your face plate/mold - or pass on this and accept my undecided design.

and second) decided if you want a cheep price (No talk in this topic about price, I respect this board too much) But if you need it cheep you will not get it by 2008. If the price is flexible then I can just add the adapters that are not ready but purchasable off ebay, and add them in. (( lets keep this part to PM's though ) ))
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great to hear an update sorry about the double post i just have become really excited about my project again (my arcade parts came!!!)

i dont have any specific idea for case or molding. my entire project has taken a facelift so now i need to decide how much space the blissbox will take before i could say what a kind of a faceplate. i will probably just go with what you provide.

i will pm you to figure out more details.

btw very nice:bow::bow::bow::bow:


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Well If I were you I would use just a face plate, but if you want a box so be it..

Ok BlissBox news:

Here is my test design. You can mouse over the icons to simulate the lights. I may improve on the flash over time, but for now its up for criticizing... I would love all of any feed back on this good or bad, even down right mean... I looked far and wide for a trapezoid and found nothing.. so it's going to be a box.

and btw: I have no friggen clue what intelevision connectors look like, I'm hopping db9. If any one knows please tell me...

also custom boxes are a go. I can fit up to four in a psx adapter, in most cases, just depends. So if anyone has a requests hit me up with a PM..
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eerrr yeah a face plate. sorry that is what i need. i will design something this weekend and send it to ya. (i confused myself my fault:confused: )

love the idea, will leds increase the cost though? i could go without if it saves $$. if it doesnt affect cost though nvm.

preferably for mine i dont like the box idea. as you said a face plate is what i need.

i will photoshop something for up.

anyway great start, im happy.

i searched for intellivision nothing yet will update if i find more.
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love the idea, will leds increase the cost though?
- LED's are free.. You just desolder them out of old stuff LOL. and other wise you just buy them for 0.01 cents at

Make sure to include measurements in photoshop... hight and width.

Here is the new power supply..

Top view with USB wire connected.

Bottom view with USB wire connected.

Here is the stack of boards ready for production YAY !!

This is the board I used found at Radio Shack

Here is the color coordination layout.

This is the schematic

bliss box Power Supply v 1.0
The power supply is operated from a USB 1 or 2.0 source. A regulator is installed only for N64 joysticks. This gives a solid 3.3 volts witch contrary to popular belief is how they want to operate. This helps prevents the jumpy button madness and other undesired results.

so we have:

a 3.3 output for N64

a 5 volt untouched output

a usb data +

a usb data -

a ground.

and a shield

The regulator is still not decided I'm experimenting with the LP2950 3.3V for now..

V2.0 will include rumble not sure how to achieve that yet may just use a big all capacitor and a transformer of sorts.

I decided to use a usb cable instead of the jack so that it will save money. I can make the cables for 40 cents that beats a 15 dollar cable any day.. plus I can make them any length...
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wow i didnt know they were that cheap anywhere. at radio shack here they are $3 each. lol nvm then:happy:

looks really great! my project is coming together very well (despite all the setbacks). the box is god, it completes it so well. my project wouldnt have a leg to stand on without it.


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this seems like a pretty good project, and if it where for sale, i'd definitely buy it! still, here's a suggestion:
would you be able to make it like, attach, to all consoles? like instead of just pc, it works in gamecube, PS2, Dreamcast etc. so that if you only have a gamecube controller you could plug it into a PS2 and use it on that? you know, i think this sounded better in my head but what the heck.
I have started reading the Honka-Bali-Woo-Woo at: 22:00 at GMT on the 27th of October 2007
I finished on: 2:55 at GMT on the 28th of October 2007. That took me 5 hours and 55 minutes!!!(+ one hour for daylight savings time
- dude haunter=best, I never saw that post. strange?? Turns out I just had this conversation with a buddy from work. I was thinking of having a special 12 pin output that would connect to one of many pigtail adapter so that you could play any controller on any system. It may not be available up front but I'm considering it. Since XBOX is usb that one is already done like that.

Ya Genome, they are cheep. RadioShack is the worst place for electronics. They are one of the only places left that sell them for such outrageous prices. And are the demise to Alide electronics.. Glad to here you project is coming along.

Ok I scratched the 4 player version. It will be available upon request only. My focus is changed to the one player box for way too many reasons. You can always make 4 ;)

I ordered a box, here is a sketch up..

Its about 5(in length) x 3 (tall) x 2(wide) Depending how it sits..

It will have a battery or 9 volt plug for rumble
a usb out (posible others cables for systems)
and the switch on top.

Yes Genome, Ill still make the four player for you. Also I was thinking for your project you could get a cheep rectifier or use the power from the monitor to shake the crap out of it with a big ac motor. All you need is the rumble signal from my box. That or a 24 volt DC motor . Imagine that mega rumble support...
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i sent the email with the dimensions to ya.

know anywhere i can buy usb 2.0 connectors real cheap? i still have to convert my xbox controllers to usb.

looking great. i will have everything by 2008 except a 1tb hdd, all the controllers i need, and the blissbox. i am very patient though and they are all worth the wait:happy::happy::happy::happy::happy::happy:


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i dont know if its a bit late for suggestions, but would it be possible to like, use a gamecube controller on say, a dreamcast emulator? or would you have to go out and buy the controllers for each port?


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if im right there is already support. and if there is you can use any controller with any emulator. the controllers arent hard wired into the emulator. its fully customizable. in fact i often use my usb nes controller to play mario 64.