Emulator Problem: SSF will not launch


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I'm currently attempting to play Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the Saturn. As you may or may not know, it has features that aren't present in any other version of the game. Because of recent purging of popular rom sites, I was only able to find one rom for the game, and I was told it is most compatible with SSF.

Unfortunately, SSF will not launch for me. When I click on the .exe file, a very tiny version of the program appears(which apparently is normal at launch) but before it can fully launch, I get this "error message" if it can even be called that.


Obviously this isn't very helpful. Any idea what's going on?


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If I remember correctly this error has to do with your actual, physical CD/DVD drive. I highly recommend that you try running the game through Mednafen, it may take a few steps more but provided that the game you downloaded is correct then it will run 100%. I have not had any problems with Saturn there.

Alternatively to Mednafen you can also use Retroarch for a more user friendly UI, it uses Mednafen as a core so compatibility will be the same.