speeding up emulation


*to get all your cpu juice, try to disable all running processes while keeping your pc at its end. these processes are much like the antiviruses, softwares running in background. etc. go to task. and on the processes tab end all familiar processes. be careful not to end some of the systems processes or your pc will crash.

*add more resource. try disabling some startup programs that can consume some usages.

*another tip, go to control panel>system>advanced tab>performance>click settings then tick "adjust for best performance". this will allow you to consume cpu usage from the desktop themes. yet your desktop will look like a win 98 lol. btw when i did this my pokemon diamond speed boosted like 80% - 140% when outside. so this will help alot.

*in game settings go to options>emulation choose desired settings, tip: settings with fast subtitles are suitable for best performance.

*speed up your cpu, if your motherboard supports ai overclocking, try setting it to your desired frequency, to do this. go to bios menu, on the advanced tab select jumperfree configuration, choose ai overclocking select overclocking profile and choose the desired frequency. i chose 10% for me because when i choose a higher frequency my computer crashes.

*if you have an hyperthreading cpu. try disabling it. you'll gain a bunch of performance on the emulator. to do this. go to the bios menu. and look for cpu technology. while on dual core cpu. although the emulator supports dual core, check if its using all its cpu power. to check open task manager, right click on the emulator. go to set affinity and make sure all cpu boxes are ticked.

*set the processing priority of your emulator. to do this, open your emulator, press ctrl+alt+delete go to processes tab. right click on your emulator name select set priority and choose high. like some users said. making it on realtime will crash the emulator.

-i gained 40% of performance by doing this
-changing the video settings doesnt speed up emulation.
-if you are desperate enough to play. buy a high end pc. lol
-this guide was made for noobs and lazy gamers who doesnt use the search button.
i dont need any credits for these. have fun playing guys!


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My friend say that if we disabled desktop background and change window theme from xp to classic will increase performance emulator like VBA. Is it true? what do you think ?


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In theory yes, but speed is more core dependant than memory space. Switching to classic view and disabling the wallpaper will use less memory and less resources, but the impact in emulation will be minimal.

A good way to improve emulation speed is through code optimization, but developers are the ones in charge of that. That's why new versions are being released along with compatibility improvement every time. But from our end (the end user) a good way to improve emulation speed is getting better hardware, mainly video cards for video hardware acceleration.


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There are pc with good CPU but poor vga and memory
CPU 2,4 Ghz, vga 16 mb ram 128 mb

bad cpu but good vga and ram
CPU 800mhz vga 64, ram 384 mb

etc etc

Is there any recommendation/combination about this three factor that "balanced" ?


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For the sake of an example. A good rig might be something like this.

2 to 4ghz CPU. 512MB or more of RAM & as far as video cards, the best you can possibly afford from the current generation available. My personal P.C is an AMD 64 @ 2.2Ghz, 1.5GB of RAM, and a Geforce 6800, 256MB


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Is it faster on NTFS than FAT32 ?
what about dos like interface emulator/tool on NTFS ? compatible ? i never use NTFS on emulation.


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The big inconvenient between NTFS and FAT32 is that in FAT32 you can't store large files, for example, a DVD image. Also, NTFS is a lot more secure than FAT32.


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I play psx using epsxe/vgs. The game converted to image using CloneCD (*.ccd). More faster than using real CD.

When i built image file using CloneCD it always ask about CD type, data cd/ game cd / protected game cd ? / hybrid cd ? etc.

Does it have differents i/o performance ?
Does it can make me through some game problem ? (ex. FF9 FMV freeze)
What about other type (iso, bin, img) ?
Is it faster than ccd ?
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The profiles for different "types" are to help make sure the CD is ripped/burned properly, nothing more.

I've never seen anything that says one image format is faster than another.


I dunno.... choosing a file format for the image is important because some file formats are not suitable for mixed (audio + data + video) CD’s.

Probably this could affect some emulators, I usually use .ISO files and they work just great.

Using any Image is relative faster than using a CD, having a fast hart drive helps too.
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I bet if they created an emulator that ran nativly (w/o windows) it would be MUCH faster, consoles DO run on their own os (although some just run on a microkernel), but it is so stripped down that it gives great performance. In windows one of the biggest consumers are services aka services.exe because services.exe runs serveral things within itself, to disable some services go to control panel (classic view)- administrative tools- services. then you see lots of little things with gear icons, whatever you don't like, clik stop, disable as many as you can and you should get quite a bit of sys resources. also things in the startup colum in start menu is not everything that starts up... to see EVERYTHING that starts up, go START- run- type msconfig in the dialog box and press enter on kb. then you see new box pop op. go to startup tab. and take off everything there (none of these will crash your sys if removed.
you can also go to services tab and remove some stuff their too (not all though)

hope this helps :)



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