Sonic: Best and Worst?


O.G. (Original Gamer)
The best, I cant decide between Sonic 2 or Sonic & Knuckles. Those are the 2 games I used to play all the time after I got a Mega Drive II for my 4th (maybe 5th) birthday. So im into those nowdays coz it brings bak good memories :p

The worst.. mmm I'd have to say Sonic Spinball.. I just rlly thought that was badly done and the gameplay was pretty lame.

But I havnt played any of the latest Sonic games (any of the 3D ones actually) so maybe theres worse or better. U tell me :D


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It's probably due to the fact we have done "favorite" everything threads to death over the years..

Anyway, I would rather play Sonic Spinball than 3D Blast


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I only like Dreamcast/PC Sonic games and I pick Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic Adventure 2 Battle as my favorite and Sonic Riders as the worst one.


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sonic 2, especially the last 3 levels, and sonic 3 for ''hidrocity'' best level EVER and booth soudtracks on that level rocks.


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My favourite Sonic game is Sonic Trible Trouble (Game Gear).

The worst Sonic game is a horrible GBA port of the first Mega Drive Sonic game called Sonic Genesis (USA only, no PAL release yet)