Some help with Hu-Go! please?


That Guy Nobody Knows...
Okay, I know, I know, what I'm about to type sounds really stupid, but from the readme's and whatnot, I learned just about nothing. So, I'm running Windows Xp SP2, trying out Hu-Go! 2.12 and GTK+2.6.4, but I don't quite unerstand how to make it work. If I simply install, well, it's missing a WHOLE lot of components. I then tried what I *thought* would fix the problem: moving the bin GTK files directly into my Hu-Go! folder (C:/Documents and settings/..../Program files/hugo) I then got some error saying something about the size of a certain file not being correct or something. I got the 'bundle pack' from Zerograd's website, if anhyone's questioning the integrity of the files. (which I still don't know are right). So...uhm...anyone got any advice for me? It seems like no one else gets this problem though (seeing how nobody else posted about this).