Emulator Problem: Setting up controls for Super Nintendo emulators.


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I just bought a remote control for my computer (it's identical to the playstation 1 model) for the purpose of being able to play lots of my emulator games with a remote for convenience. However I haven't been able to adjust any of my SNES emulators to my liking.

With Snes9x, I can access the screen to change the controls, but for some reason it won't read certain directions (for example trying to add UP-RIGHT will simply just put in another spot for UP or RIGHT, rather than the actual combination of the two). The controller does work, and it's not a big problem, but for someone who wants to play Super Street Fighter II (or any other fighting game) it makes you a sitting duck; you can't perform a lot of special moves because they require 'D, DF, F + P/K' combos which I can't pull off under current conditions. I even tried using the analog stick at the bottom in order to try and make it more clear, and the computer still only reads my movements as one or the other, not both.

I also have Zsnesw, but I can't even seem to set the controls or even have the computer acknowledge the existence of the controller. When it goes to the menu screen to set up the controls, it tell me to press on the buttons I want to control, but it doesn't read anything from my controller.

I would greatly appreciate any help from the people on the this board. Many thanks in advance to anyone who will reply to my questions.:bow:


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Perhaps this is because the original controller also only had 4 directions (it was a cross)?

Well, the controller that I'm using is identical to a Dual Analog controller for the Playstation, while the original SNES controller had to same D-Pad. With normal controls using the regular console system, one should be able to perform some of the special moves I mention because they require you to use the diagonal directions on the controller.

Rather than letting me combine both movements, the first one only reads one direction as opposed to the combined directions I just mentioned. Does anyone here know how to set up controls with the Znesw using a controller? I just looked the set-up page for that emulator and it does allow diagonal directions to be implented on for the Rom's controls.


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The original Snes controllers didn't have a seperate microswitch for diagonals just one for up, down left and right. The snes recognised a diagonal movement by registering a lateral and vertical input at the same time.

So long as your gamepad is mapped to up, down, left and right it will work with any snes game the same way that a real snes pad did. The diagonal input options in zsnes exist for some people using keyboards where they can't send simultaneous inputs and need to register one keypress as 2 to get the emulator to recognise a diagonal movement, if you're using a gamepad you don't need to do it.

If you happen to have a gamepad that won't send simultaneous input your best bet would be to use an app like Joy2key or Xpadder to convert your pad inputs to keyboard commands then map the keyboard commands into the zsnes controller config, using this method you will be able to assign the diagonal movement but again 99% of decent pads don't require you to do this as they can send more than one input at a time.

So reading your first post, almost certainly the problem is your pad will only send one direction or button press at a time, rather than any problem with the emulator. The only real solution for this is to get yourself a decent wired pad or a wireless one that will actually send more than one signal at once.
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Thank you very much for your help. Turns out I was finally able to get zsnesw to configure the controls. What you said makes sense, since I can't seem to add the diagonal controls. It seems that I can now do moves with my controler and they do work (althought it's not the most responsive).

Anyway, thank you very much. You certainly know a lot about this stuff.