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Saturnin 0.40


New member

- General : added command line to automatically load multiple binaries
- General : added the RAM cart (fixed to 4MB for now)
- GUI : little tweaks for some specific languages
- Debug : possibility to display cached textures in the VDP1 debug options
- Debug : possibility to see the general planes configuration in the VDP2 debug options
- ST-V : added Batman Forever
- CD-Block : periodic response is now dependant of the SMPC clock
- CD-Block : various tweaking
- CD-Block : added the drive letter to the drive list
- CD-Block : fixed the bug that made the emu loops when selecting a cd drive after any path
- CD-Block : added GetSectorInfo command
- SCSP : corrected a bug in Stef's code (huge thanks to CyberWarriorX)
- SCSP : replaced Turbo68K by Musashi
- SCSP : sound is output through a DirectSound interface to the soundcard (multiple soundcard support)
- VDPX : added basic priorities
- VDPX : auto switch to upper resolution in case of strange display
- VDPX : full C++ handling of VDP parts rendering
- VDPX : sprites and backgrounds are filled into a list before rendering to ease priority display
- VDPX : blending bug fixed
- VDP1 : sprites with a width or heigth less than 2 pixel aren't displayed
- VDP1 : increased the top number of commands display (fixes the missing sprites in various games)
- VDP1 : automatic reload of textures when needed (F9 should be less needed)
- VDP1 : texture cache autocleaning
- VDP1 : corrected the bug that rendered some sprites in black with only the outline correct
- VDP2 : added reduction / expansion functions
- VDP2 : added 2048 colors bitmap mode
- VDP2 : bitmaps are now displayed as sprites
- VDP2 : added bitmap caching