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Noticed a lack of activites in this forum, so I decided to post one to fill the void. I got the idea from another forum :p

In this game, you have to run away from Chuck Norris.

He's gone absolutely crazy and is very angry at you. You have to do ANYTHING to stop him. Put a banana peel in his way. Pour some oil behind you. Get Dora the Explorer to hit him with a spoon. Tell Chuck's momma that he's chasing you and making ya cry. But remember, he's always gonna pwn your attack, coz he's Chuck Norris - he can do ANYTHING. He's the superior dude. That's the main rule.

I would have called the game 'Run from Chuck Norris' but 'Run!' sounds a bit more catchy.


1. No 2 posting in a row or spamming.
2. No R/X-rated references, and try to keep bad language to a minumum.
3. No changing the person you're running from.
4. Chuck Norris is not on your side.
5. Follow the rules of this site - I don't really want to host a rule breaking activity ;-;
6. You can't stop or kill Chuck Norris, but you can slow him down.
7. Chuck Norris is very mad at you.
8. Everyone is running, and you can team up against Chuck Norris.
9. Once you post, you join the group that's running from him.
10. Run!

Here's some examples:

Bob said:
I drop an anvil on Chuck's head!

Bill said:
But when it fell on him, the anvil cracked!
I hold a huge chainsaw behind me!

Yo Momma said:
But Chuck starts using it to shave his beard!
I tell Barney to hug and distract him!

So, let's begin!

I throw a mountain of Extra Super Spicy Hot Sauce bottles in front of Chuck Norris. Don't ask me how I got all the bottles ^_^
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I throw a mountain of Extra Super Spicy Hot Sauce bottles in front of Chuck Norris.

but it did no good! he just pulled a bag of nachoes ans started in! all it did was fuel his anger.

i superheated the asphault behind me, to melt the soles of his shoes....then i laid down a bed of nails and tacks!