Registry hack?


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I hope there's a lot of registry knowledgable people out there because I think it's the only way to go for my problem, if there's even a solution.

I use Win XP and let my taskbar disappear down and out of view by default. Since it's double the height I don't want it obstructing the view of my desktop.
I also use alot of quickstart icons that windows seem to be checking for validity at certain times, like startup, since they are essentially shortcuts.

This can be really annoying since it makes my quickstart section inaccessible while Windows goes through all these icons. What I want to do is turn off this check for shortcuts. The way I figure the registry is the only way to go...?

Anyone know of a way?


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Are you not liking your taskbar causes its TOO TALL??

This is easily fixable

1) Right click your bar and UNCHECK "LOCK TASKBAR"

2) Put your cursur on the top edge and left click and drag the size down to the lowest setting (before it dissapears)

3) Relock your taskbar (If you want)

That will take care of the size issue :)

Good luck :)


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Did you not read his post at all?

It's tall because he wants it that way.. But windows trying to verify all the shortcut links wastes a lot of his time, so he wants to disable the link verification....