Raine 0.42.1 Released!


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The arcade emulator Raine was updated today. Here is what is new in version 0.42.1:
  • Fixed REGION_EMPTY not supported anymore for games like arkanoid bootleg. This bug was probably due to the new way of handling clones when loading roms (added in 0.40.5) (helped from loading the rom).
  • Save a little more memory for cps1 & cps2 (on scroll1).
  • Try much harder to reset game hardware when a f3 game hangs after its eeprom has been reseted. With this we should definetely get rid of the "game xyz hangs when I launch it" messages in the forums.
  • Fix levels order in dkong us emudx version (this should be the last time !).
  • Add speed hacks for 19xx and dimahoo (not sure if it's usefull or not, but now these games won't be limited by the cpu power...).
  • Fix music speed for cps2 (it was slightly too slow, check sgemf when it displays "no mercy"...).
  • Fix a very old bug in the speed hack allocations for cps1 & cps2, it showed only in an sgemf background during attract mode afaik.
  • Try a new way of handling the priorities for cps2. This is not the mame way. It's faster, but I am not sure it works everywhere, it's much better than what we had in 0.42.0 anyway.
  • Fixed compilation with allegro-4.0.x for fedora core (linux).
  • Added new game : nostradamus, fully playable (it was to test the oddities of the mcatadv driver...).
You can get it from here