Question about Pokemon Snap!


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Try "Unchecking" the hide advance settings....?

well it dosnt work for me, are you making up imaginary options?
Options -> Graphics Configure does not exist... options only has
Pause emulation when window is inactive?
On loading rom go to full screen
Remember selected cheats
Hide advanced settings


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Yeah so i did everything u guys said but now my emulator runs slow....?
Agreed. Changing the settings DOES allow the pictures at the end to show up, which is good, but it also causes a lot of lag.

I suggest this workaround: When taking pictures on a course, set "Copy framebuffer to RDRAM" off, and then turn it on at the end of the course for the picture review. It may be a bit annoying to do this every time, but it's less annoying than having to deal with lag or not seeing the pictures at all.

dirk strider

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if you look into the game faq, there is advice for this pro8lem. go to 'help' in the dropdown menu, then select game faq. click on games, then find pocket monster snap and click on that. they will tell you to fix the pokemon report 8y changing something in the video config settings. so go to 'options' then 'configure graphics plugin'. uncheck 'hide advanced settings'. then go to 'advanced' and check the 8ox la8eled "Direct3D transformation pipeline" . that will ena8le the pokemon report, 8ut may give you pro8lems when showing professor oak photos. i suggest that you only ena8le 8efore using the pokemon report, then disa8le it afterward.


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If you are using Jabo's video plugin, try enabling the "Copy framebuffer to RDRAM" feature. Also try disabling the D3D pipeline feature.

Thank you...I've been pissed off all week because I couldn't figure this out...This was such a great game when I was younger. So much fun to pass the time with.


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Hey ive tried all of that when i turn on Copy framebuffer to RDRAM everything just lags and goes sooo slow, i have 1.6 and am running all the inputs u guys said. any help??

It's most likely your computer can't handle the framebuffer to RDRAM that allows the emulator to show pictures that were previously saved before... Try getting a better computer for it to run fine.