PUAE core for Retroarch: Multiple hard disks

Crazy C

New member
Are more than one hard disks (directory hard disks/HDFs) possible at the same time with the PUAE Amiga core for Retroarch?

I can only use 'Files' directory OR puae_libretro.hdf, but not both together.

I want to create HDFs for games, but it would be nice to be able to use Directory Opus to copy files from directory hard disks to HDFs.


Staff member
To be fair, I would avoid doing amiga emulation through Retroarch.

If you are on pc, it is better to set up a full fledged amiga system through WinUAE. It will take you a bit of time to set up but the overall experience will be much better. You can even set up a WHDload frontend/launcher from within workbench!

Make a DH0 for workbench (1-2GB), install WHDload there as well, and a shared PC folder (DH1) with the extracted WHDload games.