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Emulator Release: Project64 v2.3.2,Mupen64Plus v2.5


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I used to use Project64 as my go to N64 emulator. But after using Mupen64Plus FZ on my android device, I loved the game speed feature (making the game go in fast forward), so I wanted it for my Windows 10 PC.
But Im just having no luck with Mupen64 AT ALL. I tried this 2.5, but only eneded up "mupen64plus-ui-console".

Mupen64py 0.2.4 allows me to navigate the program, settings, plugins, and controller config, but the moment I launch a rom, it crashes/closes. (Mariokart stayed open for 3 seconds, and the closes)

Mupen64 0.5 exe - titled mupen64-rerecording
When a rom is launched, the mouse centers to the center of the window when it comes. The window is positioned where only the top half is visible, with no rom running. Im able to move the mouse around, but I can't move ANY program windows. Its a challenge to get the emulator to close.
Mupen64plus 1.3
Program allows to me to navigate the settings to a certain degree but when I launch the game, the window only shows the top right quarter of the game.
Also, the Input plugins only have the following 2 options
Mupen64 basic input plugin:
"Config"/"Input Settings" does nothing. no button mapping

Blight's SDL input plugin 0.0.10:
"Config"/"Input Settings" brings up N64 Controller diagram. But cannot change button assignments.

TAS doesnt even show up

Mupen64plus 2.5 The exe is titled "mupen64plus-ui-console". Crashes the moment the program itself is launched

Is anyone available to help?
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Thank you! I appreciate it. I'll give it a try. I Love the idea of an all in one program for emulators, but I had REALLY REALLY bad experiences with RetroArch. UI Navigation, Rom library list refresh issues, had to restart emulator to exit rom and change settings ... just all around very un-intuitve and frustrating. So, I went back to "good ol days" of independent emulators. Maybe it's improved.


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Retroarch is working out Great. It's improved a lot. Thank you!
Are there plugins that would allow me to speed up gameplay?


I have info from wikipedia :


This core has the option to choose between four graphics plugins and two RSP plugins:

Glide64 is the most recommended general use graphics plugin, as it is very compatible and reasonably accurate while still being decently fast.

Rice is much faster than Glide64, but it also suffers from a lot more issues. Only use if your device is too slow to handle Glide64.

gln64 has even more problems than Rice, while not being much faster. Not recommended. Will likely be replaced with GLideN64 in the near future.

Angrylion is ultra accurate, but is too slow for most people to use. Requires the CXD4 RSP to work. Resolution must be set to 640x480 or higher.

paraLLEl is a Vulkan renderer based on Angrylion. It is much faster than Angrylion, but is still incomplete and has more issues. Turning Synchronous RDP off results in a speed boost, but also breaks many things.

The HLE RSP plugin is very fast and will work fine for most games.

The CXD4 RSP is more accurate, and is needed for a few games to work correctly.

A good general purpose setup is Glide64 with the CXD4 RSP. If it's a tad slow for your setup, switch to the HLE RSP.

There is currently a bug in Glide64 that makes it so texture filtering is applied to everything, even when the Texture Filtering setting is set to Automatic. To make it display textures correctly, go to Core Options, toggle the setting to something other than Automatic, then set it back to Automatic. Glide64 will display textures correctly now, using the 3-point Bilinear method.

If you get strange texture issues while using Glide64, such as textures partially disappearing or popping over polygons, mess around with the Polygon Offset Factor setting in Core Options until the issue goes away. Keep in mind some games may require a more aggressive setting than others, so experiment until you get a good balance that works for most games. The optimal setting tends to be GPU-specific.

A few games, such as Star Fox 64, suffer from looking too dark due to a lack of gamma correction, which was done on real hardware. Short of implementing this in a plugin, a decent workaround is to use the image-adjustment.cg shader, and set the Target Gamma setting to 1.0. This will make such games look as they ought to.


I will be searching for more.

I have more:


Here is a quick update on some new patches we have pushed to the Parallel N64 core –

1 – You can now get anywhere from a 6fps (conservative) to a 10fps or more performance boost with multithreaded Angrylion core by enabling a new option called ‘Send Audio Lists To RSP HLE’. Instead of sending audio lists to the low-level RSP plugin (cxd4), it will instead send these to the HLE (High-Level Emulated) RSP plugin instead. Note: If a game does not use the RSP for audio processing, you will not notice a speedup by enabling this. Nevertheless – many games benefit from this already.

NOTE: Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine might have bad audio with this option enabled, my guess is that the MusyX HLE audio code is still not perfect or we need to have something backported still to make it so. Will look into that tomorrow.

2 – We followed the advice of ata8 (the original Angrylion RDP Plus plugin) and refactored some of the RDRAM code. As a result we are getting a very minor performance boost now on Linux. It’s still not anywhere near it should be compared to the Windows version but it is an improvement nonetheless –

Mario 64 – VI overlay on – 77fps (after) instead of 72fps (before)
Mario 64 – VI overlay off – 87fps (after) instead of 84fps (before)

Hope you enjoy these low-hanging fruit performance gains. Back to getting RetroArch 1.6.8 ready!
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First off, thank you so much for the reply and info. Ill review it more thoroughly asap
I just want to make sure i asked the right question. On Mupen64plus you can speed up the game, like fast forwarding a movie. It doesn't change the fps (to my knowledge) it just makes the game go real fast. Very useful with games like Zelda OoT that have agonizingly slow sections of the game that don't let you skip.