Post your desktop!


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Clearly JAPPsmash wins at having more icons than Motoko in the past. Good job, congrats.


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It was after my last desktop post in this thread.

I had icons even outside of the screen :p


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Once again, well done.


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heres my dads desk top. sorry i couldnt show u mine but my pcs not connected to the internet and this is the pc i use most of the time anyway lol
my desktop

sorry i think angelfire is being stupid it wont let the link work ill find a way around it tho lol.
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Genome said:
i dont lol :happy: my computer has nearly the same specs as the alienware line and i didnt pay 6 grand for it.

i had this computer for a while
its one of the older ones


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all this talk about about alienware

Here a pic of my Area 51 3500
i got it from the website
by the way Genome i didnt pay $6,000 fot it i only paid closer to $1,000
if you buy it now it will cost you $889 (it'll cost more if want it custome built)
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heres a pic of my desktop so this post wont be off topic
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Mojo Jojo said:
Anyone could build them but for a lower price. Alienware is expensive.
I wish I would have thought of that
I could build a computer with my eyes closed (thanks to going to school for it)
but i brought this computer before i started going to computer school

ever since i bought this computer ive upgraded 3 times
added 2 more Hard disk drives (you can never have too much storage)
and an extra dvd drive on (top of the one alcohol 120% is emulating)
all installed by yours truly
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