Plz help, What Should this CHD folder be named ?????


Hello, I need some help putting chd files into my roms folder:( . I thought I was supposed to unzip them into there own folder and name it the same as the game, and then drop the folder into my roms folder.

The chd that I downloaded is area51 R3000, the zipped file name is 51tto51, if anyone can tell me what exactly the folder should be named:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: , any help in this matter would greatly be appreciated!! Thank you in advance:D :D



Capo di Tutti Capi
51tto51 means that it's the CHD to convert area51t.chd to area51.chd. This means you didn't download a CHD, but just a CHD-diff file.


Awww I see Thank you!:D

I am downloading a torrent file that is 8gb it is supposed to have some of the chds that I am looking for, Hopefully everything will be correct this time. Thank you for the help!